Best of #Musement on Instagram in September

Best of #Musement on Instagram in September

Musement takes a look at some of the photos shared by our Instagram community this month.

September. Sigh. This bittersweet month marks the end of summer…however the hottest season of the year isn’t officially over! It’s still possible to enjoy some fun in the sun before the cool autumn air starts to trickle in. Big thanks to our community for tagging #Musement, and don’t forget to keep using our tag for the chance to be featured!

In no particular order, here are ten of the best Instagram photos from September.

1. @jv_nick captured a lovely perspective of the iconic Duomo of Milan. We never get tired of looking at our city’s most recognizable landmark!

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🇧🇷 Arquitetura Gótica 🇺🇸 Gothic Architecture 🇮🇹 Architettura Gotica ➖ 🇧🇷 A Duomo de Milão, a Catedral de Milão começou a ser construída no ano 1386 e terminou somente no século XIX. É uma das mais conhecidas e impressionantes obras no estilo gótico da Europa e seu tamanho impressiona os visitantes mais desavisados. ➖ 🇺🇸 The Duomo of Milan, the Cathedral of Milan began to be built in the year 1386 and finished only in the nineteenth century. It is one of the most known and impressive works in the Gothic style of Europe and its size impresses the most unsuspecting visitors. ➖ 🇮🇹 Il Duomo di Milano, la Cattedrale di Milano, cominciò a essere costruito nel 1386 e finito solo nel XIX secolo. È una delle opere più conosciute e impressionanti dello stile gotico d'Europa e le sue dimensioni impressionano i visitatori più insospettabili. #topmilanphoto #milan #milano #yallerslombardia #ig_milan #ig_milano #milanocityitalia #milan_bigcity #igersmilano #loves_milano #volgomilano #volgolombardia #volgoitalia #lombardia_super_pics #ig_lombardia #igerslombardia #inlombardia #summerinlombardia #destinosesonhos #musement #new_photolombardia #loves_united_church #beautifuldestinations #earthofficial #italiaphoto #instaitalia #italy #italia #loves_united_church #duomodimilano @instaitalia @super.italy @best_italiansites @italiait @topitalyphoto @incredibleitalia @italian_places @ig_italia @italiainfoto @italia_shotz @volgoitalia @visititalia @italiaparabrasileiros @top_italia_photo @milaonasmaos @kings_milano @ig_lombardia_ @lombardia_bestphoto @super_lombardia_channel @churchesandcastles @igrejaspelomundo @igrejasemfoco

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2. @teia_i road trips it through the mesmerizing landscapes of Cusco, Peru.

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Road story🌿

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3. @ubergiorge traveled all the way to Patagonia and snapped this beautiful lake in El Calafate.

4 @tall_girl_small_world_  is in heaven as she admires a view of a beauty named Paris.

5. @gypsysoulwhotravels made the two-and-a-half hour journey to this ethereal white crater while visiting Badung.

6. @shutter.po finds a little bit of paradise on the dreamy Greek island of Elafanisi.

7. @mesapuyo visits Sudan’s forgotten pyramids of Meroë along the Nile River.

8. @skylanterns21 experiences serenity now at Reserva Natural de Las Cabezas in San Juan, Puerto Rico.

9. @carbona8 snapped this mesmerizing Tokyo sunset where the entire sky is seemingly ablaze.

10. @Jonna.Punzalan  is loving the vibrant colors of the Sirao Flower Garden in Busay, Philippines, and we do, too!

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