6 of the best pastry shops in Milan

6 of the best pastry shops in Milan

From old-school Milanese classics to contemporary hipster-vibe cafes, here are six of the best pastry shops in Milan.

From incredible museums, majestic monuments and exceptional artwork–such as Leonardo da Vinci’s Last Supper–to bustling nightlife and exclusive activities in honor of the internationally renowned Design Week, Milan has plenty to offer. Therefore, a stay in the fashion capital can sometimes prove exhausting. So, if you want to treat yourself to a sweet snack or start the day with Italian style breakfast, Musement has selected six Milanese bakeries to enjoy when you’re in the Lombard capital.

1. Pavè

With a convivial, feels-like-home atmosphere, upon arrival Pavè feels a bit like entering a familiar house. The warm ambiance is mostly decorated with recycled objects and large wooden collective tables and the pastries and ‘viennoiseries’ are excellent. People usually go to Pavè for the traditional Italian breakfast – eaten ‘al banco’ (at the counter) – but the venue’s three young partners (Luca, Diego and Giovani) also managed to bring back the snack time tradition. The peppermint milk and the slices of bread with butter, jam or chocolate will take you back to childhood.  (Via Felice Casati 27; website)

2. Ernst Knam

Much to the delight of Milanesi, Ernst Knam’s adopted city is Milan. Born in Germany, this pastry genius expresses his passion, which he inherited from his mother, in his gorgeous creations. Each one is more delicious and artistic than the next…and mostly made of chocolate! In fact, Knam has been nicknamed the King of Chocolate after the TV show, ll Re del Cioccolato (The King of Chocolate)  a documentary about the great pastry chef and master chocolatier. But being a celebrity hasn’t gotten to his head.  If you visit the shop, it’s very likely that you’ll see him there immersed in his work. (Via A. Anfossi, 10; website)

3. Pasticceria Marchesi

One of Milan’s oldest pastry shops, Marchesi was established in 1824 in the heart of Old Milan. Today, it still retains a nostalgic charm and elegance almost 200 years. Opening the door feels like stepping back in into nineteenth-century bourgeois Milan. Don’t miss tasting the famous panettone, one of the best in the city, and prepared fresh all year round. Prada acquired the pastry shop in 2014 and has since opened two other locations: One on the highly exclusive Via Montenapoleone, and the other one in the Galleria Vittorio Emanuele, above the Prada menswear shop. PS: It’s also the perfect place to pick up a gourmet souvenir. (Via Santa Maria alla Porta 11a; website)

4. Cucchi

Another Old Milan classic, Pasticceria Cucchi has charmed poets, writers and painters since its 1936 opening. Famous for its excellent panettone (prepared year round), Cucchi offers some of the finest Lombard specialties such as Cucca (a Milanese version of panettone with candied oranges and lemons) and El Meneghin, to be enjoyed at any time of the day. (Corso Genova 1; website)

5. Serge Milano

A successful fashion entrepreneur, Sergio Gavazzeni has opened a pastry shop just 20 meters from the Duomo that’s entirely dedicated to cannoncini…except for some macaroons, which stand out against the black and steel decor. For breakfast, he also prepares some brioches which are all stuffed with fillings like jam, cream and chocolate on request. What’s so special about this high-end cannoncini bar? These small treats hang on pins that keep them at a perfect temperature of 35°C, and then stuffed upon request so that the puff pastry keeps its perfect level of crunchiness without soaking up too much cream.(Via Giuseppe Mazzini, 8; website)

6. Besuschio

Although not technically in Milan, it’s impossible not to mention Pasticceria Besuschio, which located in Abbiategrasso, about a twenty minutes by train from Milan. After five generations of pastry makers who have dedicated their body and soul to research, study and experimentation since 1845, Besuschio has finally received the ultimate accolade: The award for best pastry shop in the province of Milan and being named the second-best in Lombardy from the revered Gambero Rosso’s 2017 Pastry Shop Guide. Respect for product, tradition and craftsmanship is the secret behind Besuschio’s panettone – a symbol of Milanese Christmas – but also of the viennoiseries and outstanding pastries such as Saint Honoré and Tiramisu, all of which are absolutely exceptional. Even the coffee is special! The Besuschino is a cappuccino that should be stirred with a dark chocolate spoon…it will make your heart melt. (Piazza Marconi, 59; website)

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