8 of the best restaurants in Lisbon

8 of the best restaurants in Lisbon

Musement tours the streets of the Portuguese capital to share eight of the best restaurants in Lisbon.

From history to the beaches to fado music, we love Lisbon. And we love Portuguese cuisine. So, we dediced to take a look at eight of the best restaurants in Lisbon where you can sample local fare at its finest.

1. Marisqueira Uma

Marisqueira Uma, located in the Baixa neighborhood, is one of those normal, everyday establishments that has become famous for exactly that—a small place that looks as if it were from yesteryear. The highlight is undoubtedly the rice with seafood. Moist and dense, the dish—one of the best rice dishes you’ll ever taste!—is accompanied by crab legs and European spider crab. Plus, the value for your money is unbeatable here. Rua dos Sapateiros, 177, Baixa

2. Taberna Moderna

With a much more modern look, as implied by its name, Taberna Moderna boasts an atmosphere that is equal parts cozy and chic. Specializing in seasonal cooking and quality products, dishes range from tuna tataki croquettes to Galician-style octopus and pumpkin risotto, among the other options that reflect the cuisine. We suggest the rice with cuttlefish, the restaurant’s specialty. And if you’re in the mood for a nightcap, the cocktail bar offers 80 different types of gin! Rua dos Bacalhoeiros, 18ª; website

3. Santa Clara dos Cogumelos

Located in the beautiful Mercado de Santa Clara, close to where the popular Feira da Ladra is celebrated, Santa Clara dos Cogumelos is an original mycological restaurant. In other words, it specializes in mushroom-based plates. In fact, thanks to the chef’s craftsmanship with the star ingredient, the restaurant has earned the title of Lisbon’s mushroom temple. They mostly offer vinhos e pestiscos (wine and appetizers), but they also serve main dishes such as cod confit, raviolini with ragout and mushroom risotto. Mercado de Santa Clara; website

4. Cervejaria Ramiro

Cervejaria Ramiro is an alehouse and restaurant that is worth a visit for the all-encompassing experience it offers. We should warn you, though, that there could very well be a long line despite its three floors. Once you are inside, tune your senses to absorb the unique ambiance of this mythical alehouse while enjoying an appetizer and choosing your meal. Their specialty is seafood, so pay homage with some shrimp from the Algarve and crab. Accompany it with some green wine. Avenida Almirante Reis, 1; website

5. Carvoaria Jacto

Now, we leave the seafood aside because meat prevails at Carvoaria Jacto. Founded in 1953, the restaurant was recently remodeled, but it preserves a very authentic atmosphere and hosts a great number of locals who visit for the quality beef at great prices. The beef tenderloin is especially recommended, but they also have Wagyu beef, Mirandesa beef, and other succulent cuts served with a variety of sides. Rua Maria Andrade 6ª

6. Cantinho Lusitano

If you have a tapas-style meal in mind for dinner, Cantinho Lusitano is your place. Very centrally located, this restaurant is only open at night when they serve a variety of Portuguese tapas made with the best products, from cheese and cured meat to toast and hamburgers. As the founders say, the multiple textures and flavors are mixed together with the intention of creating a friendly and cozy environment where guests can share moments and experiences while celebrating everything good in life. Rua dos Prazeres, 52

7. Tasca da Esquina

With the intention of reinventing Portuguese cuisine, Tasca da Esquina offers typical dishes with a personal touch. Not surprisingly, three renowned chefs run this restaurant. Guests who want to live the dining experience to the fullest can opt for the tasting menu that includes seven dishes and dessert. If not, some interesting options on the menu are the cold pineapple soup with shrimp and the cod with hummus. The extensive wine list and the inviting setting put the cherry on top of a fabulous evening. Rua Domingos Sequeira, 41C; website

8. Go Juu

With our last recommendation, we uncheck Portuguese cooking to explore the Japanese cuisine that Lisbon has to offer. And there is no better place to discover it than Go Juu—a space that pays homage to all that is related to Japanese culture. With a midday menu for workdays in addition to nighttime and weekend menus, eating at Go Juu will transport you from Lisbon to Tokyo as soon as you take your first bite of sashimi. Rua Marques Sa da Bandeira, 16ª; website

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