15 of the world’s most Instagrammed desserts

15 of the world’s most Instagrammed desserts

From Turkish baklava to the French macaron, Musement shares 15 of the world’s most Instagrammed desserts.

It’s no secret that the world is full of delicious confections and sweets — we could sample a different one every day of the year and still come nowhere close to having tasted them all. So, we decided to do some Instagram research to look at some of the world’s most mouthwatering. According to hashtag, here are 15 of the most popular desserts shared on Instagram.

1. Cupcakes, United States: 22,352,094 mentions

Thanks in part to Sex and the City, the early aughts saw the early rise of this all-American confection, and more than a decade later, it hasn’t lost any steam. Nowadays you can find them all over the world either in bakeries or specially dedicated shops. Though of course, the United States is the best place to sample some.

2. Brownie, United States: 6,338,273 mentions

Legend has it that this chocolate and nut cake is the result of a cook forgetting to add yeast to a cake. Whether or not it’s true, the browner has undoubtedly persisted and today enjoys many different incarnations.

3. Macarons, France: 6,073,276 mentions

Round and crisp on the outside, soft on the inside and colorful all around: long live the macaron! e. The best place to enjoy sweet delights made from egg whites and almond flour is, without a doubt, Paris.

4. Gelato, Italy: 5,404,213

The gelato is a symbol of Italian culture and there are even schools and museums in the country dedicated to this delicious delicacy. The main differences with ice cream are its low percentage of fat (more milk, less cream), its denser texture (due to the slow whipping process), and the temperature at which it is served (slightly higher than ice cream). Whether you’re in Milan, Rome, or Florence, gelato never disappoints anywhere in Italy.

5. Brigadeiro, Brazil: 4,696, 376 mentions

This delicious ball of chocolate is made from three ingredients: condensed milk, cocoa, and butter. This Brazilian classic can be found in all major cities and as well as at any birthday celebration.

6. Tiramisù, Italy: 2,983,737 mentions

Tiramisu’s origins are always up for debate, with two regions (Veneto and Friuli-Venezia Giulia) claiming such recognition. But controversy aside, what is clear is that this dessert made from coffee, cocoa, mascarpone cheese, eggs, sugar, and ladyfingers is a winner not only on Instagram but also on our palate.

7. Apple Pie, United States, 2,124,170 mentions

Different countries have their own apple cakes and/or pies, but the American version dominates the socials. It’s so popular that there are even debates about which variety of apple is best suited to make this iconic American recipe. The French variant (tarte tatin) is also very popular with 128,977 mentions, while the Austrian version (apfelstrudel) has 110,076.

8. Churros, Spain, 2,097,690 mentions

Although its origin is unknown — some say it was invented by Spanish shepherds while others claim the Portuguese discovered it in China. Regardless, churros are one of the most popular sweets, especially in Spain and Latin America. The best way to enjoy it? accompanied by a cup of hot chocolate.

9. Mousse, France: 1,584,359

The first mousse, which means “foam” in French recipes date back to the 18th century. Its signature fine, spongy texture comes from the mixture of the snowy whites with the base cream. Chocolate mousse, the most popular version, has crossed the French borders to become one of the world’s most popular desserts.

10. Fudge, United States: 1,397,547 mentions

The origins of “fudge” are not clear, though it’s said to have been invented more than a hundred years ago in the United States. One of the best places to taste it is Mackinac Island (Michigan), considered the “fudge capital.”

11. Banana Bread, United States: 1,331,089 mentions

Shortly after the arrival of bananas in the late 19th century, Americans began to use them iin desserts. Following the discovery of chemical yeast, “banana bread” soon became a staple in American homes.

12. Dulce de leche, Argentina: 1,225,506 mentions

Where was dulce de leche invented? Uruguay? Mexico? Peru? Although its origin is unclear, one of the best countries to taste a slice is undoubtedly Argentina. Made from cow’s milk, sugar, vanilla essence, and baking oda, dulce de leche has won over millions of palates.

13. Meringue, Switzerland: 1,200,013 mentions

Another confection with mysterious origins, although one of the best-known theories claims that Gasparini, a Swiss pastry chef of Italian origin, invented meringue. Today, there are three different meringue making methods: French, Italian, and Swiss. We recommend the latter, which has a slightly creamier consistency and is perfect for preparing meringue cakes.

14. Baklava, Turkey: 1,095,027 mentions

One of the best countries to taste good baklava is Turkey; in fact, this sweet has become a classic of its gastronomy. Those with a sweet tooth will love this phyllo dough bathed in sweet syrup and filled with nuts, hazelnuts, or pistachios. Delicious!

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15. Crumble, United Kingdom: 1,057,452 mentions

This popular dessert, especially in the United Kingdom, has crossed borders and is now part of the menu in many restaurants around the world. Its believed to have originated due to World War II food rations as the original recipe is quite simple, containing just flour, butter, sugar and fruit.

METHODOLOGY: The number of publications on Instagram of the most popular hashtag of 144 typical desserts and sweets around the world has been analyzed. Desserts with multiple versions or translations have been excluded from the ranking. Analysis made in April 2020.

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