Around the world in 12 different pies

Around the world in 12 different pies

In honor of National Pi Day, Musement takes a look at 12 different pies from around the world.

There’s nothing quite so American as apple pie! In honor of π Day, which celebrates the famous mathematical constant that also happens to be a homophone of America’s most patriotic dessert, Musement takes a look at 12 iterations of this baked delight–both sweet and savory–from America and beyond.

1. Apple Pie, USA

The ultimate American dessert! However, apple pie is first mentioned in the works of Chaucer. Apple pie eventually found its way to America thanks to the colonists. Nowadays, there are endless riffs on this apple-cinnamon-flavored classic such as French Tarte Tatin or the crumb-covered Dutch version. Open-faced, completely covered and lattice-topped are just a few of the ways to serve one.

2. Key Lime Pie, Florida

If you’re ever in Florida, take care to try to this local specialty! A true key lime pie is made with Key limes, a variety native to the Florida Keys that has a vibrantly tart flavor. Around the US, you’re likely to find “Key lime” pies with the typical eggs and sweetened condensed milk, however, the limes just might be from the Keys. Though that doesn’t necessarily mean they’re not tasty!

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3. Shepherd’s Pie, Ireland

Since it hails from Ireland, it’s only fitting that you can find Shepherd’s Pie on the menu of pretty much every Irish pub in the world. No shepherds are harmed in the making of it! It usually contains minced red meat meshed with peas, carrots, and gravy, then topped with a layer of fluffy browned mashed potatoes. It could be baked into a crust or prepared crustless, cooked in a baking dish and served fresh out of the oven.

4. Bündner Nusstorte, Switzerland

This caramelized walnut pie typical of the canton of Graubünden dates back to the 19th century. Milk and/or honey are often incorporated into these decadent shortcrust pastries.

5. Buko Pie, The Philippines

Made from young coconuts and mixed with sweetened condensed milk, Buko pie is characterized by a creamy filling that is not too cloying and baked inside a perfectly flaky crust.

6. Chicken Pastilla, Morocco

One of the must-eats in Morocco, this chicken pie is filled with almonds and cinnamon, cooked inside a thin crispy pastry shell and topped with powdered sugar–a satiating savory repast juxtaposed with a touch of sweetness.

7. Pecan Pie, USA

This enduring American specialty sweetens up any Christmas and Thanksgiving dessert spread, though it’s often enjoyed year-round. We can thank the Native Americans for this delightfully sweet gooey concoction, who used their territory’s indigenous nuts to make an enduring treat that has delighted palates for generations.

8. Zwetschgenkuchen, Germany

Characterized by a shortcrust and zwetschge, the sweet plum relative that blossoms in Central Europe over the summer, Zwetschgenkuchen can often be topped with crumbs or served open-faced.

9. Pizza, Italy

Italy’s national dish comes in many shapes and forms, the most iconic being Margarita–tomato, mozzarella, and basil–which has Neapolitan origins. From the thin crispy crusts typical of Rome to Renato Bosca’s gourmet pies in Verona to everywhere in between, pizza enjoys many incarnations of deliciousness across the peninsula.

10. Spanakopita, Greece

This spinach and cheese pies baked into paper-thin phyllo dough are a must when in Greece. More often than not, they are served individually portioned and make the perfect sustenance for when refueling is in order. Americans are also like to find spanakopitam at their local requisite Greek diner.

11. Pastel de Choclo, Chile

This traditional dish is the Chilean equivalent of Shepherd’s pie, a filling of ground beef, chicken, raisins, onions, hardboiled eggs, and olives topped with a layer of ground corn.

12. Meat Pie, Australia and New Zealand

Meat pie is required eating in the land Down Under! It is quite simple–but so delightful–containing diced or minced meat and gravy…though some versions might incorporate some veggies. Beef tends to be the meat of choice.

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