Road trip ideas from 8 different cities

Road trip ideas from 8 different cities

From mountains to lakes to charming towns to national parks, Musement shares road trip ideas from eight different cities in America.

As we’re starting to plan for our life after shut down, a road trip seems increasingly more appealing for a summer getaway. Here are some ideas for road trips from eight cities in America.

1. New York

Head north! New York City is just a tiny fraction of New York State, and there’s wonderful scenery waiting and adorable towns waiting for you just a few hours north. Some ideas: Hudson a hip Hudson Valley town with great antique shops, art galleries, food and performing arts venues. The Finger Lakes, a picturesque region with parks and outdoor activities as well as incredible wines (especially the riesling!), and the Catskill Mountains which are replete with hiking trails, waterfalls, lakes, rivers and delicious food.

2. Los Angeles

With such close proximity to both the beach and mountains, it might seem like you really don’t need to travel too far for a getaway from Los Angeles. But if you’d like to hit the road and explore further beyond the confines of the city, head to Joshua Tree National Park, where you can pitch a tent for a few nights, Route 385 to Mammoth Lakes, or Big Sur, arguably the world’s most famous coastal drive (Route 1).

3. Boston

Boston is conveniently located on the Massachusetts coast where the bay intersects with the Charles River. Beautifully scenery abounds once you head out of Bean town’s borders, there’s, of course, beautiful Cape Cod or Salem, if you’re up for a bit of the occult. But if you’re looking to go further, New Hampshire and Maine both just a few hours away, have relaxing beaches and scenery. Hike the White Mountain National Forest or bask on Hampton Beach in the former, or Ogunquit, a quaint seaside town or the historic Kennebunkport, a dream for food lovers with its clam shack, lobster roll, and breweries.

4. Chicago

With its central location, Chicago is surrounded by awesomeness in all directions. Drive 90 minutes north to Lake Geneva in Wisconsin where there’s plenty to do by day and night, or head even further north to Milwaukee and take a brewery tour. If you’d like to get in touch with nature, don’t miss Illinois’ Starved Rock State Park where you can take your pick from a selection of hiking trails and canyons.

5. Seattle

Nicknamed the Emerald City due to all the greenery both within and surrounding the capital of Washington State, Seattle Seattle makes for a lively adventure-filled getaway. Olympic National Park sits on a peninsula west of the city and there’s myriad to see and do there from hot springs to lakes to glaciers to rainforests. Or head northeast to the sparkling green Diablo Lake, a reservoir nestled into the North Cascade mountains known for its particular blue-green shade.

6. Washington DC

Just one hour from the nation’s capital, Virginia’s Loudoun County is known for its wineries so book a tour and taste some of the juice. Or head further northwest into Maryland to arrive at Deep Creek Lake, an exquisite oasis with 69 miles of shoreline. To cozy up to nature, visit Shenandoah National Park, which is just about a 90-minute west of the city.

7. Las Vegas

Located in the heart of the desert, Las Vegas has some spectacular surroundings, including the Grand Canyon. Lake Mead is the body of water closest to the city (just under an hour) and makes for a great getaway, especially during the dry summer heat. California’s Death Valley National Park, named by a group of 19th-century pioneers who thought the terrain would be the end of them, is about a two-and-a-half-hour drive west. From dunes to salt flats to mountains, be prepared for breathtaking scenery.

8. New Orleans

To bask under the sun on a paradisiacal beach, Pensacola sits on Florida’s panhandle and is just a three-hour drive from New Orleans. Or drive two-and-a-half hours northwest to Lafayette, a charming town that’s the heart of Lousiana’s Cajun culture. To spend some time with Mother Nature, Lake Charles is a little more than a three-hour drive away. The lake itself is beautiful but the region is also known for birdwatching and the Creole Nature Trail All-American Road, where you can mingle with all kinds of wildlife.

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