7 Cookbooks to buy this fall

7 Cookbooks to buy this fall

From food prepared by East African grandmothers to Ottolenghi’s newest, Musement shares seven cookbooks being published in fall 2020.

As summer winds down, many of us find ourselves longing for the vacation we didn’t get to take—and on which we might not embark for the foreseeable future.

Food is just as transportive as books, films, and Instagram, and fall brings an array of new cookbooks to not only keep us inspired in the kitchen, but that provide a temporary escape via our palates. Here’s a look at seven cookbooks from autumn 2020 that we can’t wait to find a home for on our shelves.

1. Ottolenghi Flavor, Yotam Ottolenghi and Ixta Belfrage, October 13 (US)

If you’re an avid home cook, you’ve likely tagged (at least) one of your Instagram posts #ICookedOttolenghi. The chef and owner of several London restaurants, including Nopi and Rovi, has authored some of the most beloved cookbooks like Plenty, Plenty More, and Simple, and his latest book, Flavor, hits bookstores this fall. Co-authored with his Test Kitchen Director Ixta Belfrage, the book breaks down how to create flavor through vegetable-based recipes. (It’s already out in the U.K.) Pre-order here.

2. Xi’an Famous Foods: The Cuisine of Western China, from New York’s Favorite Noodle Shop , Jason Wang, October 13

What started as a shop in Flushing’s epic Golden Mall is now an exceptional fast-casual chain with several locations in New York and beyond. If New York City isn’t in the cards for you this year, or if you just want to try and recreate, say, Xi’an Famous Foods’ incredible pulled noodles or luscious lamb burger yourself instead of ordering delivery, this cookbook warrants a slot on your shelf. Jason Wang founded the restaurant with this father to offer the specialties of Xi’an, the Chinese city of their heritage. Pre-order here.

3. In Bibi’s Kitchen, Hawa Hassan and Julia Tershen, October 13

Somali chef Hawa Hassan and food writer Julia Turshen present stories and recipes collected from eight bibis (grandmothers) from eight East African nations: South Africa, Mozambique, Madagascar, Comoros, Tanzania, Kenya, Somalia, and Eritrea. The book features 75 dishes that offer a glimpse of these cuisines through a deeply personal lens. Pre-order here.

4. Modern Comfort Food, Ina Garten, October 6

Who doesn’t love Ina Garten? In her latest cookbook, the Food Network icon serves up 85 recipes that target our innermost food cravings. From cheddar and chutney grilled cheese to crispy hash browns prepared in a waffle iron to cheesy chicken enchiladas, its impossible to not find a cozy dish for when you just need bask your palate in a little bit of comfort. Pre-order here.

5. Parwana, Durkhanai Ayubi, October 6

Author Durkhanai Ayubi features recipes and the stories from its eponym: her family’s restaurant in Adelaide, Australia that specializes in the cuisine of their native Afghanistan. Her parents, Zelmai and Farida Ayubi, fled Afghanistan in 1985 during the Cold War, and eventually opened Parwana in 2009. The book shares the restaurant’s signature recipes, which run generations deep, and the family’s stories behind them. From rice dishes to dumplings to chutneys and pickles to meats and more, the book will whet your appetite. Pre-order here.

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COVER REVEAL! We are so excited to share with you the cover of PARWANA: RECIPES AND STORIES FROM AN AFGHAN KITCHEN by Durkhanai Ayubi, which we are releasing this coming fall. We can’t wait for you to cook these fragrant dishes, see the beautiful food photography, and read the moving family stories. We think that this book will put Afghan food on a new culinary map. Our cookbook editor Leyla Moushabeck says about PARWANA: “This book is everything that makes me love working with cookbooks. It maps the history of a country through a family’s story and the food that is central to it. It is beautiful, personal, well-informed, and the food is vibrant and delicious. I want to cook almost every recipe, not least because the writing makes me feel connected to the country, culture, and family behind the dishes.” . . @durkhanaiayubi #afghanistan #afghanfood @afghanrecipes #parwanacookbook #parwanaafghankitchen #interlinkbooks #newcookbook @leylamoushabeck #internationalfood #coverreveal

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6. The Rise: Black Cooks and the Soul of American Food, Marcus Samuelsson, October 27

Black cooking has played a huge role in shaping American culture, but sadly, credit was not always given where it was due. Chef, author, and TV personality Marcus Samuelsson takes a look at Black cooking in America today through 150 recipes and the stories behind them, all inspired by dozens of top chefs, writers, and activists Samuelsson met on the road. Pre-order here.

7. The Chilean Kitchen, Pilar Hernandez and Eileen Smith, October 6

Seasonality is the foundation of Chilean food and this book divvies up the recipes according to the season as well as for La Once (tea time) a Chilean tradition. The Chilean Kitchen features the family recipes of Pilar Hernandez along with the writing by Eileen Smith, a Santiago-based food writer. Recipes include caramelized onion empanadas, grilled steak soup, pickled chicken thighs, and Chilean white sangria. Pre-order here.

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Ayer me llegaron las copias de autor. Es una emoción tan grande tener el libro en mis manos: es hermoso y representa nuestra cultura y nuestra comida de una manera que nunca antes se había visto en EEUU. Pueden creer que es el primer libro con fotos para cada receta. Si lo quieren encárguenlo HOY en Amazon, así les va a llegar el despacho el día del lanzamiento Octubre 6. Gracias por el apoyo y si tienen amigos en EEUU por favor recomienden el libro, las órdenes de pre-vents son súper importantes, para comprar vayan a mi perfil y pinchen “linkinprofile” y luego la foto. #fb #enmicocinahoy #thechileankitchen

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