6 of the most haunted places in Glasgow

6 of the most haunted places in Glasgow

Scotland is home to many myths and legends, making it the perfect destination for any traveller seeking some spooky experiences. Whether you’re an avid ghost hunter or dubious of all things ‘supernatural’, Glasgow is a city with its fair share of ghost stories and haunted places. From apparitions lurking around theatres to haunted graveyards, hospitals, and museums, here are the six most haunted places in Glasgow:

1. Tron Theatre

A former church, execution site, police station, and now one of the city’s most loved theatres, this iconic city centre building has always been an eclectic place with plenty of history. There have been many encounters of ethereal beings in the building over the years. Staff and visitors have reported the feeling of being watched and some have even claimed to have been touched by an invisible presence, or that they’ve seen doors mysteriously open on their own. The majority of the paranormal activity is reported from the theatre’s Victorian Bar and the last two rows of the auditorium, so watch where you sit next time you visit!

2. Theatre Royal

Located in the heart of the city, the Theatre Royal is Glasgow’s oldest and longest-running theatre so it comes as no surprise that it has a few ghost stories. The most popular tale is of a cleaning lady, called Nora, who dreamt of making it big as an actress. According to the legend, when she finally made it into the spotlight, she was laughed off the stage. Heartbroken by the embarrassment, she is said to have killed herself as a result. Ghostly activity has been recorded throughout the theatre as sources claim hearing wailing and doors banging as she supposedly haunts the building to this day.

3. Scotland Street School

Built between 1903 and 1906, this former school is now a museum displaying the history of Scottish education from the 19th century. It was designed by the famous Charles Rennie Mackintosh and is one of the city’s best known architectural attractions. The building has been subject to many paranormal activity investigations over the years after spectres have been spotted by staff and visitors. People have also reported hearing voices, children running and items being moved.

4. The Former Museum of Transport

The old Transport Museum was located in Glasgow’s West End in the Kelvin Hall building and has been the site of many ghostly sightings. The iconic building, now a state of the art gym, was used as a morgue during WW2, so it comes as no surprise that there are reports of ghoulish goings-on! Security guards at the former museum reported hearing children laughing and screaming, even after the museum had closed and emptied. A headless figure was also spotted on numerous occasions and many people have reported feeling a tap on their shoulders to turn around and find no one’s there.

5. Glasgow Necropolis

Located next to Glasgow Cathedral, the Glasgow Necropolis is a Victorian cemetery and the resting place of over 50,000 individuals. Set on a low hill to the east of the city, the Necropolis offers spectacular views over Glasgow but it is also home to many myths and legends. Visitors to this eerie cemetery at night have reported seeing a ghostly woman in white floating through the gravestones. Perhaps best to visit during the day to avoid bumping into her!

6. Glasgow Royal Infirmary

Glasgow’s Royal Infirmary hospital has been caring for patients for more than 200 years. Home to many spooky stories, various apparitions have been observed throughout the hospital building. The most popular ghost sighting is of the ‘floating sister’, a ward nurse who appears normal at first, until you realise that the bottom part of her legs are not visible. One nurse even claims to have spoken to her as she passed! Another common tale is of an elderly male spirit, named Archie, who paces Ward 27 speaking to dying patients.

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