15 eco-friendly travel products

15 eco-friendly travel products

Musement has prepared a list of 15 indispensable eco-friendly products to slip in your suitcase and make your trip more environmentally conscious.

Aware of the impact we have on the environment, we strive daily to live in a manner that’s a little more ecologically responsible, and we don’t have to forego our daily resolutions, routines and habits when we travel. Just the opposite! That’s why—after sharing eight inspiring eco-friendly destinations around the world, and after giving you some tips for an eco-responsible trip—we’d like to introduce you to 15 eco-friendly travel products that we believe are indispensable when on the road.

1. Backpack or suitcase made of recycled material

Luggage and accessories made from recycled materials are becoming more and more common. The famous Samsonite brand, for example, has released the Spark SNG ECO collection, which comes in several suitcases of all sizes and also includes a vanity and a shoulder bag. All of these products were created from 100% recycled water bottles. You’ll also find many choices of eco-responsible backpacks from the same brand.

2. Soap, shampoo and solid conditioner

One of the first good eco-responsible habits to adapt naturally concerns limiting the use of plastic. That starts in the kitchen and bathroom—and you can keep up these good living habits easily, even while traveling. Packing your own solid hygiene products will save you from having to buy them locally or use those crummy single-dose samples from hotels, which account for a sizable amount of plastic. They also have the advantage of being more durable, environmentally friendly, economical and above all—as they’re not liquid—able to pass through security checks with no snags. If you’re traveling with a carry-on, this frees up space in your liquids bag.

3. Toothpaste, deodorant and solid shaving bars

Zero waste in the bathroom does not stop at the basic products but the horizon of possibilities is almost infinite: toothpaste, shaving bars (along with a reusable razor), deodorant, make-up remover…favor artisanal products and local artisans when possible!

4. Recycled fabric pouches

We love the recycled fabric pouches for storing and toting our solid cosmetics. Washable and reusable, they take up little space, are unique and give old clothes a second life.

5. Cleansing gloves

These make-up remover gloves are an excellent option, especially when you want to travel light. Very easy to use, simply wet them in water then remove your make-up with respect to both your skin and the environment.


6. Bamboo toothbrush

A 100% natural and biodegradable bamboo toothbrush is an excellent alternative to the ubiquitous plastic toothbrush.

7. Multi-purpose organic cotton honeycomb towel

Keeping a towel in your suitcase is wise, but when it’s organic cotton, it’s even better! Embossed towels are particularly practical when traveling. They take up little space, dry quickly and retain less sand than other terry cloth towels. Don’t neglect their multi-purpose use: bath or beach towel, picnic blanket, shawl and more.

8. Mosquito repellent

Mosquitoes and other insects often disturb the peace and quiet of our evenings and summer nights. Instead of using chemical mosquito sprays that are harmful to your health and the environment, why not try more natural products that are equally effective? Both Repel and Murphy’s Naturals are among the brands offering plant-based alternatives.

9. Stainless-steel, insulated bottle

We drink several liters of water a day, which is why, when on holiday, it’s just as important to always have some on hand. Rather than loading up on pallets of plastic bottles, a single quality water bottle is a more ecological and economical solution. Those made of stainless steel will keep your water cool for several hours—even in hot weather. Choose from an infinite number of designs and enjoy your water bottle for years to come.

10. Filter or filter flask

In many destinations, drinking tap water isn/t commonplace. If you’re visiting one of these places, we suggest you buy a filter or filter flask—even if accompanied by a stainless-steel bottle to keep the temperature cool. The Lifestraw and Katadyn brands have both proven themselves through the years.

11. Biodegradable bags for special occasions

If you travel with your pooch—wherever you are—you already know that picking up your doggie’s droppings and properly disposing of them is just courteous practice. So, it’s always a relief to know that biodegradable poop bags exist.

12. Solar Powerbank

What would we do without our phone? Wherever you are and whenever you want, recharging your mobile phone with solar batteries is always possible with this, clean, convenient energy source.

13. Solar flashlight

If you’re about to go camping or even just thinking ahead in the event of an emergency, keeping a flashlight handy is never a bad idea—especially if it’s solar-powered. Incredible but true, the Go Sun brand even makes solar-powered ovens and fridges.

14. Reusable food pouches and beeswax food wraps

We’ve already told you the plastic-free path starts in the bathroom and the kitchen. To continue your healthy habits while traveling, don’t forget to bring along your reusable food pouches or beeswax wraps for all sorts of sandwiches and snacks.

15. A My Green Trip bag for picking up trash

“A single action multiplied by a million can change the world. It all starts with you,” claims the website of My Green Trip, a community of travelers and tourist organizations that collect waste left in the wilderness. It’s possible to order a cleaning kit on their site and join in on the environmental action.

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