10 Netflix series to watch for travel inspiration

10 Netflix series to watch for travel inspiration

Musement shares ten Netflix series to watch for a travel fix when you can’t be on the road.

Nowadays, it’s impossible to not find ourselves channel surfing. While we have to postpone our travels for the foreseeable future, that doesn’t mean we can’t seek inspiration for where to go once we reach the other side. And what better place to seek the inspiration than Netflix where the world is literally at your fingertips? Here are ten Netflix shows to watch for travel inspiration.

1. Chef’s Table

It’s no secret that food and travel go hand in hand, and each episode of this docuseries takes a look at one of the world’s best chefs, while also exploring their surroundings and inspirations. From the altitudes of Peru to the rural landscapes of Northern Sweden to a hermitage in South Korea, be transported to some of the world’s most magnificent places.

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2. Street Food

If gastronomy isn’t your thing, then Street Food (from the same creators as Chef’s Table) just might be your cup of tea. Instead of heading into restaurant kitchens, Street Food reveals some of the world’s most exceptional vendors of the show’s titular cuisine. The Asia-focused first season showcases the eats and backstreets of cities such as Bangkok, Delhi, Osaka, and Singapore.

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3. Ugly Delicious

Travel the world with acclaimed chef David Chang as he explores how foods from around the world have not only evolved but also how they’ve interpreted elsewhere. From savoring the pizza capitals of Naples and New Haven to comparing how fried rice is served in China and western take-out joints, Ugly Delicious will leave you hungry for more.

4. The Kindness Diaries

Follow Leon Logothetis as he travels the world on a motorcycle (season 1) and in a Volkswagon Beetle (season 2) relying solely on the kindness of strangers to fulfill his basic needs: food, shelter, and gas. The first season follows him through Europe, Africa, and Asia while he journeys from Alaska to Argentina in season two.

5. Travels with my Father

This heartwarming series follows comedian Jack Whitehall as he traverses across southeast Asia with his slightly more fancypants father. Follow along as they visit Cambodia, Thailand, and Vietnam.

6. Our Planet

For those of us old enough to remember, it seems like just yesterday that Planet Earth, a 2006 BBC documentary series, blew us away with its high definition footage, offering viewers an unprecedented glimpse of nature. Our Planet, from the same production team in collaboration with the World Wildlife Fund, instead, takes a look at how conservation issues as well as how humans have impacted the environment—a stunner!

7. Tales by Light

Thanks to our ever-handy smartphones, we’ve all earned the right to call ourselves photographers, even the most amateur of us. However, they have never taken away the thrill of watching the masters of the field at work. This Australian series offers a glimpse of some of the world’s most renowned photographers as they travel the world for their craft. Perhaps you just might learn some tips for honing yours?

8. Magical Andes

The majestic Andes mountains, one of the world’s longest mountain ranges, spans South America, stretching from Colombia, Venezuela, Peru, Bolivia, Chile, and Argentina. This gorgeous documentary explores the Andes through the lens of five people with deep connections to the natural wonder.

9. Taco Chronicles

A look at a country just north of the Andes through the lens of its most popular food, the Taco Chronicles uncovers the history and culture behind one of the world’s most emblematic street foods.

10. Somebody Feed Phil

The creator of Everybody Loves Raymond , Phil Rosenthal is a food lover at heart. This docuseries follows his eating adventures around the world cities such as Tel Aviv, Dublin, and Bangkok.

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