10 of the most Instagrammable Places in Athens

10 of the most Instagrammable Places in Athens

From ancient ruins to the sparkling sea, Musement shares 10 of the most Instagrammable places in Athens.

From a turquoise coastline to its colossal ruins, Athens has plenty to keep you on your feet — and plenty of reasons to keep your phone charged. Here’s a look at 10 of the most Instagrammable places in the Greek capital.

1. The Acropolis

Athens’ most emblematic landmark, the Acropolis towers over the Greek capital from its perch at an altitude of 500 feet. It teems with history and there are several angles from where you can snap: up high, down low, up close, from afar. If you visit the site, the sweeping panoramas of the city from above are also worth capturing.

2. Plaka

Admittedly touristy but no less charming, the Plaka district sits in the shadow of Acropolis Hill and is Athens’ oldest quarter. Be warned: inadvertent photo bombers are likely due to the crowds, so if you’re intent on snapping some streetscapes, head out early before people clutter the narrow lanes and colorful facades. Though the tavernas are at their best when they’re bustling with people.

3. Anafiotika

Located within the Plaka neighborhood, Anafiotika is a miniature maze of blue and white homes built in the architecture style of the Cycladic islands.

4. Monastiraki Square

Overlooked by the Acropolis and with its sheeny mosaic pavement, Monastiraki Square juxtaposes the past with the present as older architecture stands alongside modern buildings. This lively square is home to a popular flea market, and it’s always bustling with people — a great spot for people-watching.

5. The Changing of the Guard

The 19th-century royal palace faces Syntagma Square and has played host to the Greek Parliament since 1934. If you’re in town on a Sunday, drop by at 11:00 am to watch the changing of the guard ceremony at the Tomb of the Unknown Soldier.

6. Panathenaic Stadium

Built for the first Panatheniaic games, this arena dates back to the second century, though it was restored for the 1896 Olympics, the first modern edition of the epic games. Channel your inner Olympian by striking a pose on the podium.

7. Central Market

The vast central market is composed of stands selling meat, produce, and — given Athens’ location on the Aegean Sea’s Saronic Gulf — plenty of seafood. Take a stroll through the day’s catch and savor a meal or a snack.

8. Piraeus

This port city along the turquoise water of the Aegean features some top museums and restaurants, but the adorable streets, colorful architecture, and boats make for images that practically guarantee likes.

9. The Beaches

Nothing conjures Insta-envy quite like a paradisiacal beach, and Athens boasts a Rivieria you can’t help but want to kick back on. Powdery sand lies alongside the translucent turquoise water of the Aegean.

10. Pentelikon Mountain Waterfall

If you’re looking to get in touch with nature, head to Mount Pentelicus, just outside the mountain, to admire the gently cascading waterfall. If the weather permits, bring your bathing suit and go for a swim — perhaps even pose for a shot with the cascading water in the background.

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