6 of the most romantic towns in Italy

6 of the most romantic towns in Italy

The right atmosphere is of great help when it comes to romance. Here’s a look at six of the most romantic towns in Italy.

When we are falling in love, we may see everything through rose tinted glasses – every street, garden, and room seems straight out of a fairytale. But, several cities and towns are inherently romantic, one of the most obvious being Paris, with its lights, its palaces, and the Seine. Vienna, Rome, Venice, and Budapest are also rightly considered among the world’s most romantic cities as well as top destinations for travelers hoping to pop the question to their better half. Italy has many towns and villages that boast an exceptionally romantic atmosphere thanks to its impressive nature and breathtaking scenery. Here’s a review of six of the most romantic towns in Italy:

1. Manarola, Liguria

One of the Cinque Terre, Manarola is characterized by typical Genoese style colored tower-houses set in the cliff. The colorful cliff-top town is juxtaposed by the dark blue sea, often seen breaking on the rocks, an image that also contributes to its romantic atmosphere. Enjoy the view while savoring a candlelit meal in a restaurant overlooking the sea.

2. San Gimignano, Tuscany

A UNESCO World Heritage Site, the Tuscan city of San Gimignano consists of magnificent towers and palaces crafted from white limestone rock, which turns a delicate shade of pink at sunset. Its perfectly preserved medieval buildings and monuments make for a romantic backdrop and the observation points offer panoramic views, adding to the ambiance.


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3. Gradara, Le Marche

This charming village in Le Marche is famous – and incredibly romantic – thanks to the tale of Paolo (Malatesta) and Francesca (from Polenta), two lovers featured in Canto V of The Inferno. The first poem of Dante’s Divine Comedy, the story follows Francesca’s jealous husband who kills them in the city’s castle.

4. Ravello, Campania

Is there anything more romantic than a panoramic view of the entire Amalfi Coast? Perhaps from the terrace of an ancient villa filled with gardens and statues? Ravello is famous for its magnificent villas and breathtaking views that, not surprisingly, make the city one of the most sought-after honeymoon locations for newlyweds from around the globe.

5. Polignano a Mare, Puglia

This small village rises above the sea in Puglia. With its sea caves, belvederes, and small white houses teeming with flowers found inside the old town’s ancient walls, it has served as a backdrop for several Italian romantic comedies. The city boasts several restaurants where you can eat excellent food (as in all of Puglia), which we know is one of the fundamental elements for a romantic evening.

6. Aci Trezza, Sicily

Not only does Aci Trezza’s small port offer one of the most romantic views you can imagine, but the village also has ties to two ancient Greek myths. One story reveals that the seafront’s unmistakable rocks were bullets launched at Ulysses’ ship by the cyclops Polyphemus, while the other myth contains a poignant love story: Aci, a young shepherd boy loved Galatea, a beautiful nymph of the sea. A jealous Polyphemus brutally murdered Aci, and Galatea wept by the sea. The Gods saw this and transformed Aci into a river so that the two lovers could meet again at sea.

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