Ideas for anyone traveling for the Six Nations Rugby Final

Ideas for anyone traveling for the Six Nations Rugby Final

Musement shares some ideas for what to do in Paris and Cardiff for anyone who’s traveling for the Six Nations Rugby Final.

Six national rugby teams have been battling it out in the field since early February, preparing for the culmination. March 14 marks the first two games of the Six Nations Rugby Final. Legions of rugby fans will hit the road to watch their favorite teams carry, pass and kick in the flesh against the backdrop of a vivacious stadium, while others don’t have to venture too far from their hometowns.

Whether you’re going to Paris to see France face off against Ireland or Cardiff where Wales take on Scotland, here are some ideas to fill up your downtime before or after the big game.


1. The distinct Centre Pompidou, which skirts the edge of the beloved Marais, is home to a modern art museum. Check out the permanent collection or any special exhibitions. If you’re in town for the game, you’re just in time for Christian Boltanski: Life in the making displays 50 works from the French artist and closes on Mach 16.

2. While this time of year might lack the scenic charm of spring and summer, March is the perfect month to visit the Palace of Versailles and discover its secrets. There will be others there, too, yes, but the off-season is an ideal time to see Louis XIV’s majestic structure.

3. There’s so much amazing food to eat, we don’t even know where to start, but we’d say head to Du Pain et des Idéesfor the incredible pistachio snail pastry, or browse the vendors at Le Marché des Enfants Rouges, one of Paris’s (as well as the world’s) best markets.


1. You’d be remiss to skip Cardiff’s namesake castle, a Medieval structure in the city center that’s teeming with history. Easily reach this and other sights and attractions with a hop-on, hop-off bus pass.

2. Fancy Dr. Who? This walking tour of the Welsh capital stops at some filming sites from this iconic TV show.

3. Savor some traditional local fare like the Welsh Rarebit, a specialty that elevates the concept of cheese melted over toast to a whole new level, and Welsh cakes, a sweet flatbread that’s cooked atop a griddle.

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