9 places to travel for Presidents Week

9 places to travel for Presidents Week

Presidents Day marks the perfect occasion to book a flight and pack your bags. Here are some ideas for where to travel during Presidents Week.

What better way to celebrate Presidents Day than with a vacation? Historically a day created to honor George Washington’s Birthday, the third Monday of February, an official public holiday, is enough to justify a getaway.

This year, the holiday falls on Monday, February 17, and here are some ideas in case you’re looking to capitalize on the long weekend and perhaps even take a few additional days off.

1. Feel like a child again at Disneyworld and Universal Studios

Get a little ‘Goofy’ on your holiday with a visit to Disney World Orlando, or let the creative worlds of Universal Studios enchant you. This time of year is pleasantly warm in Orlando which makes for perfect beach weather Bring the kids or just go on your own to get touched by a bit of Disney Magic.

2. Book an epic mountain getaway

Haven’t had enough of winter yet? Plan an awesome ski-trip or winter mountain getaway close to home. With plenty of mountain ranges to choose from plus the snow-covered neighbors to the North, winter enthusiasts have a plethora of slopes at their disposal. Plus, a ski-trip is a great way to appreciate the country’s vast and dynamic geography. Check out these six best ski trips in America.

3. Sway to the rhythm of Nashville

Music City is always hopping so you’re pretty much guaranteed to have a blast in Nashville. See a show in the Grand Ole Opry, enjoy some live music at one of the hopping bars, take a ride on the old-fashioned trolley, admire the historic architecture, brush up on Hendrix, Elvis and more at the Musician’s Hall of Fame, and take care to sip some whiskey straight from the source. And last, but most certainly not least, it would be simply criminal if you didn’t feast on some hot chicken, the city’s signature dish.

4. Celebrate Black History Month in New Orleans

New Orleans  quiets down after the Mardi Gras Parade passes through, and February is an important time to stop and reflect on the past of both this historical city and the country as a whole. New Orleans has many museums dedicated to African American Art and culture, and you can also take a Louisiana Plantation tour and visit Whitney Plantation, the only plantation museum in Louisiana with a focus on slavery.

5. Discover the Grand Canyon

2019 is a big year for the Grand Canyon: the natural wonder will be celebrating its centennial as a National Park on 26 February. Gaze at the stars while visiting one of the ‘grand’ wonders of the world. The Grand Canyon makes for a memorable family vacation as well as a profound adventure to experience with your significant other. Just remember to check the weather, dress appropriately, and pack your rain gear just in case.

6. Unwind on a beach in Cancun

Eager for a proper beach vacation? Escape the cold and head down to paradisiacal Cancun, Mexico. Catch some Vitamin D and play in the aquamarine waters of Riviera Maya where you can snorkel with exotic fish, swim with dolphins and discover the ancient ruins of Tulum.

7. Get wild at the San Diego Zoo

Fun for all ages, San Diego is a great destination for some quality family time. Home to the San Diego Zoo, Legoland California & Sea Life Aquarium, the kids are guaranteed to have a blast! There are many attractions for adults as well. Stroll through San Diego’s Old Town, also known as the birthplace of California and get some much-needed rest and relaxation on one of the many beaches, like the stunning Coronado.

8. Indulge in a history fix in Philadelphia

As arguably the first capital of the United States, Philadelphia boasts plenty of history-rich sites and charming cobbled streets to satisfy anyone looking for a taste of the Old World. In addition, the city’s lively art scene, esteemed culinary prowess and thriving craft beer culture not only satisfy travelers, but that are worth the trip alone. See the mosaics in the Bella Vista neighborhood, immerse yourself in the beloved Italian market, and go beyond those delicious cheesesteaks by sampling some of the city’s delightful street food, much of which you’ll find at Reading Terminal Market. And don’t miss the Barnes Foundation!

9. Catch a wave in Hawaii

February is one of the best times to catch a wave in Hawaii. Experienced surfers can catch some of the world’s most challenging waves like the Banzai Pipeline, Backdoor, and Sunset Beach, while beginners can enroll in surfing lessons and watch the experts cutting effortlessly through the massive waves, a truly mesmerizing spectacle. If you’re not into surfing, the paradisiacal Hawaiian Islands such as Maui and Kauai boast some of the world’s dreamiest beaches.

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