15 imaginative travel-inspired tattoos

15 imaginative travel-inspired tattoos

Because we love inspiring globetrotters, Musement takes a look at 15 creative travel-centric tattoos.

Deciding on a tattoo is no trivial matter–it’s for life and becomes an integral part of your identity.

Whether expressing your desire for adventure or the illustrated form of a memory that you want to ink on your skin forever, your tattoos obviously say something about you. Here are 15 tattoos that’ll make you want to travel…. or simply offer yourself a new tattoo.

1. You’ve probably heard of travel scratch maps: when you visit a new country, you scratch it off the map and it appears in a new color. What do you think about a tattoo version?

2. All great travelers know it. When we travel often, our suitcases become our home in a sense, kind of like a turtle and its shell.

3. Speaking of turtles, this tattoo contains a whole story in itself, that of a trip for two, and to the four corners of the globe. The carapace and legs of this turtle bear the traces of the strongest moments of this adventure.

4. In life, there are those who travel with suitcases and those who travel with a backpack on their shoulders…

5. There are those who prefer to fly…

6. or motorcycle enthusiasts…

7. or even bicycles!

8. There are those who keep their passports, and those who prefer their entry stamps stamped directly on their skin.

9. There are minimalist tattoos…

10. and those that are more complex.

11. The compass has always been indispensable for frequent travelers and adventurers. It helps with finding one’s bearings as well as to follow the right path to your final destination: home. A symbol of travel, luck, protection and focus, the compass is one of the most popular tattoos for travelers.

12. Another essential item for any trip is the camera. For some people, it is unthinkable to set off without one in their luggage, no matter where they go.

13. When a destination remains particularly engraved in your heart, you may want to etch this emblem on your skin or the symbol that represents it best, such as this Eiffel Tower as a Paris memory, for example.
14. Or, San Francisco‘s Golden Gate Bridge, shown in this picture.

15. Whether it’s an adventure you’ve experienced alone or with friends.

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