5 Things to know about visiting Park Güell

5 Things to know about visiting Park Güell

Planning to visit to Park Güell? Here are 5 things you should know.

A must-see on the outskirts of Barcelona, Park Güell was designed by Antoni Gaudí and feels like stepping inside the pages of a fantasy novel. Not only is the park a UNESCO World Heritage Site, it has some of the most amazing views of the sprawling Barcelona metropolis. To make the most of your visit to Park Güell, here are some helpful tips for your visit and some interesting background about its conception and construction.

1) Get your tickets ahead of time

Tickets are arguably the most important part of your visit to Park Güell, so plan ahead and book them in advance so you can make the most of your time. The general adult admission ticket costs 10€ . Children under the age of six get in for free while there are discounts for children under twelve and adults over the age of sixty-five. Get your online skip-the-line tickets here.

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2) Learn about the history

It would be a shame to visit this architectural masterpiece without understanding its history and significance. Antoni Gaudí’s Catalonian art nouveau architecture legacy is known around the world for its revolutionary style. An industrialist who acquired the desirable piece of land overlooking the flourishing metropolis of Barcelona, Eusebi Güell originally commissioned the park to Gaudí in 1885 as a private residential development. Güell asked Gaudí to bring his vision of an extraordinary garden city to life by designing a small town comprised of homes that organically integrated with nature to establish a beautiful symbiosis between man and earth. Unfortunately, homebuyers were not as enthusiastic about his idea and only 2 out of the 60 planned villas were constructed. Although lucky for us, an extensive park complex was built, which visitors can explore, touch, feel and experience the mindful intention in each curve of the iconic structures.

3) Bring water and wear comfortable shoes

While touring the park or climbing the numerous mosaiced stairs, the hot Spanish sun will most certainly make you thirsty and you will be thankful that you brought your water bottle. This may go without saying, but for those who need the reminder: Dress in comfortable shoes and be prepared for the weather (think sunscreen and a hat in the summer) because after all, you will be spending your day in a park…

4) Give yourself time to explore the park

The Park’s official times of operation in the Autumn and Winter (27 October – 23 March) is from 8.30am to 6.00pm. However, in the Spring and Summer (27 March – 30 April, 1 May – 26 October) the park is open from 8.00am to 9.00pm. Take these times into consideration when planning your visit, as you should plan to arrive early in the morning if you’re in Barcelona for the Autumn or Winter, giving you the time you need to see every inch of the park without feeling rushed. On the other hand, in the Spring or Summer you may consider watching the sunset from Park Güell and indulging in some of the best views of the city during the illustrious magic hour.

5) Visit the Gaudí House Museum

After enjoying a stroll through Gaudí’s Park Güell, discover his former home at the Gaudí House Museum. An extra fee on top of the general admission ticket will apply but it is well worth it as Gaudí lived here from 1906 to 1925, which also marked the last years of his life. Note that there are three entrances to the Park which could stir up some confusion, butthe main entrance is on the road ‘Carrer d’Olot’ where you will find the Casa del Guarda (the park’s unofficial gatekeeper); you’ll notice the park restaurant inside to the left. For further accessibility information and a park map, check out the official Park Güell website here.

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