Around the world in 15 breakfasts

Around the world in 15 breakfasts

Musement takes a look at breakfast foods in 15 different countries.

Breakfast is the most important meal of the day…especially when you’re traveling. From Iceland and Australia to Turkey and Malaysia, here’s a look at 15 breakfasts to start your day on the right foot wherever you are.

1. Pancakes with maple syrup, United States

Even if you haven’t set foot in America, you’ve surely seen Americans feasting on towering pancake stacks in countless movies and TV shows. These thick “crepes” are usually served maple syrup and a side bacon, although you can choose other sweet or savory sides to accompany them.

2. Porridge, Iceland

It is clear that a country’s food is closely linked to its culture. Iceland is a perfect example of this. Here, the cold climate warrants a warm breakfast so that Icelanders can withstand sub-zero temperatures. So, they tend to opt for an oatmeal porridge to which they add ingredients of their choosing: fruit, nuts, jam and even lysi, or cod liver oil. We realize that the latter does not sound very appetizing, but they say it is good for your health.

3. Mandazi, Kenya

Have you ever wondered what Kenyans nosh on for breakfast? The people of this African country usually start their day with a cup of chai tea and a mandazi, a triangle-shaped doughnut found at street food stalls. They are always fresh and therefore very tasty.

4. Avocado toast, Australia

The Aussies are as obsessed with avocado toast as they are with good coffee. In fact, in cities like Melbourne they combine both when it comes to breakfast. They also love to spread butter and Vegemite on bread, although this particular salty spread is not for everyone. It’s a bit of an acquired taste.

5. Pho, Vietnam

We know that a rice noodle soup for breakfast might seem unusual to Westerners, but if you’re in Vietnam we recommend you try it…even if it’s not first thing in the morning. Pho is everywhere, and you can enjoy a bowl whenever and wherever you want – you’ll love it!

6. Café au lait and croissant, France

Practice your français by ordering a café au lait and dunk your croissant into it à la parisiens. If you prefer something a little less buttery, opt or a tartine: a warm baguette that’s been sliced in half and topped with a spread of your choice: butter, jam, etc. Dazzle your senses by visiting several boulangeries, but remember one thing: the French carry their baguettes under their arms!

7. Nasi lemak, Malaysia

If the French can’t live without their croissants, the Malaysians can’t live without their nasi lemak. This breakfast encompasses the country’s cultural mix: anchovies, egg, peanuts, cucumber and hot sauce wrapped in a banana leaf.

8. Shakshouka, Israel

The Israelis don’t breakfast lightly. Their morning shakshouka, which literally means “all mixed”, consists of eggs with tomato sauce, pepper, onion and various spices, and can also be made spicy. Dip traditional Israeli crispy bread into it.

9. Baghrir with honey, Morocco

In Morocco, there is no shortage of mint tea on the breakfast table, as well as baghrir, Moroccan crepes with honey. They are a safe and delicious bet, and always rank high with the children.

10. Huevos rancheros, Mexico

In Mexico, huevos rancheros are the ideal hangover cure. The eggs are atop a bed of corn tortillas with tomato sauce, cheese, beans and guacamole. If you’ve had too many margaritas the night before, this traditional breakfast dish practically guarantees a smooth recovery.

11. Kahvalti, Turkey

Kahvalti is the name given to the traditional Turkish breakfast: a selection of breads, creamy cheeses, olives, tomatoes, cucumber, Turkish sausage, jam and honey. Combine this ample mix of Mediterranean ingredients to your taste. Of course, it is accompanied by excellent Turkish tea or coffee.

12. Full English Breakfast, England

The full English breakfast is a classic where there are some. Only suitable for the brave who wake up with a voracious (or hungover) hunger: eggs, sausages, bacon, white beans, roasted tomatoes, mushrooms and toast. Of course, it is usually paired with an English breakfast tea.

13. Gallo Pinto, Costa Rica

The “pure life” of Costa Rica begins in the morning with gallo pinto: fried rice with beans and vegetables with the traditional Lizano Sauce. You can add egg, avocado, cheese or best of all: fried plantain. This dish with a tropical touch will give you energy for hours.

14. Hot chocolate and churros, Spain

Whether you’re breakfasting or snacking, hot chocolate and churros are a must for winter. With a thick cup of chocolate and a few crispy churros, life just feels different…in a good way. Dare to argue with us?

15. Arepas, Colombia and Venezuela

Arepas are a staple of the cuisine in many South American countries such as Colombia and Venezuela. Basically, it’s a baked or fried cornbread that offers a lot of possibilities. The ingredient combos are seemingly endless, although the most popular are cheese and meat.

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