7 art exhibits around the world to see in 2020

7 art exhibits around the world to see in 2020

For art lovers, 2020 brings art exhibits so spectacular that they themselves are the perfect excuse for an escape to London, Paris, Madrid, Ghent, New York or Abu Dhabi.

From medieval painting to pop art, the selection is diverse and the quality of all of these exhibitions is unparalleled. If you love art, you are going to have a hard time choosing amongst such a good selection. Here are seven art exhibits around the world you shouldn’t miss in 2020.

1. Van Eyck: An Optical Revolution

One of the most striking exhibitions of 2020 will be at Ghent’s Museum of Fine Arts dedicated to the master Jan van Eyck. The exhibition unites nine of his main works (barely 20 are preserved), together with other pieces from his studio and about a hundred masterpieces from the latter part of the Middle Ages. Included in this impressive exhibition are the eight restored exterior panels of the Adoration of the Mystic Lamb, the altarpiece of Ghent’s cathedral that will never again leave the cathedral following the exhibition. This is the first time such a large selection of Van Eyck works has been displayed alongside his contemporaries. Museum of Fine Arts, Ghent; February 1 to April 30

2. Rembrandt and Amsterdam Portraiture 1590–1670

The Thyssen-Bornemisza Museum will house Spain’s first exhibit dedicated Rembrandt’s work as a portrait artist. In addition to around 20 portraits by the Dutch painter, the exhibition includes works from his Dutch Golden Age contemporaries. This interesting exhibition will allow Rembrandt lovers to discover the variety and quality of the portraits that the Dutch genius created as well as the curious stories behind the diverse characters. Thyssen-Bornemisza Museum, Madrid; February 18 to May 24

3. Leonardo da Vinci

2019 marked the 500th anniversary of the death of one of history’s greatest geniuses: Leonardo da Vinci. He died in France, and the Louvre Museum holds the greatest number of his works. To commemorate the milestone, the Louvre presents a retrospective that has brought many of Leonardo’s works as possible to France, displaying them amongst his five main pieces: Virgin of the Rocks, La Belle Ferronière, Mona Lisa, Saint John the Baptist, and the Virgin and Child with Saint Anne . Louvre Museum, Paris; until February 24

4. Picasso-Rodin

Paris’ Picasso and Rodin museums bring together an exhibition showcasing the works of two influential modern artists that shows the unexpected convergence in their creative processes. The Rodin Museum will focus on exhibiting the artistic styles that Picasso and Rodin developed to represent reality, while the Picasso Museum will target the more intimate sphere: creation in the laboratories of their respective studios. Picasso Museum and Rodin Museum, Paris; September 15, 2020 to March 14, 2021

5. In Pursuit of Fashion – The Sandy Schreier Collection

Sandy Schreier was a pioneer collector who, for 50 years, brought together one of America’s best fashion collections. Fashion and design lovers shouldn’t miss this magnificent French and American haute couture and prêt-à-porter exhibition at the Met that not only features women’s clothing and accessories but also illustrations that date back to 1908. Metropolitan Museum of Art, New York; until May 17

6. Charlie Chaplin: When Art Met Cinema

The first of its kind, this exhibition examines the relationship between the filmography of Charlie Chaplin and the creations of various avant-garde artists such as Marc Chagall, Fernand Léger and Frantisek Kupka—artists who were behind the modern art movements of Constructivism, Surrealism, and Dadaism. Around 100 paintings, drawings, sculptures, photographs, and movie scenes will display the relationship between Chaplin and the significant changes in the first part of the last century. Louvre Abu Dhabi; April 15 to July 11, 2020

7. Andy Warhol

For the first time in 20 years, the Tate Modern in London will exhibit its first retrospective of one of the greatest modern art icons: Andy Warhol. Famous for his pop creations of Marilyn Monroe, Coca-Cola and Campbell’s Soup cans, this exhibition unites works never before seen in the United Kingdom. And for the first time in thirty years, we will be able to enjoy 25 pieces from his Ladies and Gentlemen series. The exhibition also includes the floating piece called Silver Clouds. Tate Modern, London; March 12 to September 6, 2020

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