10 Marathons to run in 2020

10 Marathons to run in 2020

If running is more than a New Year’s resolution to you, perhaps 2020 will be the year you take it to the streets in marathons around the world. Here are ten of the best.

Are you resolving to run more in 2020? Well, marathons never go out of style, and pretty much every major city around the world hosts one. So, this year you have no excuse! Take on a new challenge that combines endurance, travel, and fun, and start training today. From Verona to Paris to Barcelona and many, many cities in between, Musement has selected ten of the most thrilling marathons you should run in 2020.

1. The Dubai Marathon

Due to the mild January climate, the Standard Chartered Dubai Marathon kicks off the season on Friday, January 24.  Just like Dubai, a desert-born city that embodies modernity, the Dubai Marathon is an opportunity to surpass yourself as you’re surrounded by ever-growing projects that are a testament to the UAE’s incredible achievements. We know a marathon requires months of training, so if January is too soon, start training now and run Dubai in 2021.

2. Great Wall Marathon, China

Have you always wanted to discover the Great Wall of China? There’s one particular way to do so: running a marathon. For the past two decades, a portion of the Great Wall has hosted one of the world’s most demanding marathons. If you’d like the opportunity to test your limits in an exceptional setting amidst 2,500 runners from more than 60 different nations, meet on May 16 in the Tianjin province.

3. Patagonia International Marathon, Chile

If you’re not afraid of challenges, this race at an altitude of nearly 10,000 feet in the province of Última Esperanza (Last Hope) is unpredictable, in part due to hostile weather conditions, but well worth it. The ninth edition of the Patagonian International Marathon®, to be held on September 5, 2020, in Chilean Patagonia near Torres del Paine National Park.

4. The London Marathon

Even though the ballot entry for the Virgin Money London Marathon, taking place on 26 April, is officially closed, this is a good race to start thinking about in case you want to get ahead of the game and train for 2021 as the ballot will open shortly after the 2020 race. See London as you’ve never seen it before as you run over the Thames on the iconic Tower Bridge and cross the finish line near Buckingham Palace.

5. The Rome Marathon

The Rome Marathon takes place on March 29. Known as the city of seven hills, the Eternal City’s rolling terrain makes for a much more challenging race route than the Lombard capital. Runners start at 8:40 am in front of the Colosseum on Via dei Fori Imperiali to pass through many of Rome‘s iconic sights such as the historic center, Spanish Steps, Trevi Fountain, Pantheon, and Piazza Venezia.

6. The Barcelona Marathon

The Zurich Barcelona Marathon awaits you! Founded in 1978, the race now ranks fourth in Europe and is undoubtedly one of the Catalan capital’s most highly anticipated events, not missing a beat when it comes to keeping both spectators and participants entertained. Numerous objects are distributed throughout the course, allowing family and friends to have fun while cheering on their loved ones! The marathon takes place on Sunday, March 15, and, if you happen to keep marathon ready year-round, registration is still open.  It would be a shame not to take advantage of this event to explore Barcelona and discover the incredible Sagrada Familia or Park Güell.

7. The Chicago Marathon

Even though it takes place on Sunday, 11 October, this is another marathon for which the ballots were drawn at the end of 2019. However, that doesn’t mean that running this year’s Bank of America Chicago Marathon is impossible as you can sign up to join a charity or even a tour group. Or, like the London marathon, you can plan in advance and keep this one front of mind for 2021. The flat course begins and ends in Grant Park, and lets you see plenty of the Windy City along the way.

8. The Paris Marathon

The 44th edition of the Schneider Electric Paris Marathon takes place on Sunday, April 5.  Depart from the fabled Champs Elysées to begin a 26-mile route of discovery through the French capital: from the Place de la Bastille to the banks of the Seine to tree-lined passages in the woods of Boulogne and Vincennes. And of course, who could pass up the chance to spend a few days in Paris? Enjoy the many things the City of Light has to offer when you’re in town.

9. The Tokyo Marathon

Another marathon that’s very soon, the Tokyo Marathon is great for those who keep in marathon shape year-round or who want to get a head start on 2020 goals. The 14th edition of this epoch-making event on March 1 will bring together tens of thousands of international runners. Not only does the marathon give you the opportunity to see Tokyo from a different perspective, but it’s just plain fun. When in Tokyo, do as the race participants do and run disguised as a character of the manga while the crowd cheers “ganbare!”

10. The New York City Marathon

The TCS New York City Marathon–the mother of all marathons!–takes place on Sunday, 1 November. Whether you’re an observer or a spectator, the race day itself and the period leading up to it is exceptional. The already lively streets of New York City become a bustling “26-mile block party”. Enter the lottery for the chance to be one of the 50,000 people running in the city where anything and everything is possible. And who knows….you just might log a new personal best? On Marathon Eve, fuel up on carbs at one of these delicious pasta restaurants.

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