10 of the best board games for travel lovers

10 of the best board games for travel lovers

Musement shares ten board games that are perfect for travel lovers.

In addition to movies, TV series and books, the current situation is also a good time to challenge a loved one (or three?) to some friendly competition.

Here are some of the best board games for travel lovers, many of which are suitable for the whole family.

1. Monopoly Here & Now World Edition

In this version of the timeless properties board game, players travel around the board, say by safari hat or tuk-tuk, to compete for the chance to own up to 22 of the world’s most iconic cities. Spanning six continents, the featured destinations include Lima, Athens, and Cape Town.

2. 7 Wonders

Though seemingly for kids, 7 Wonders is a delight for all ages. The Pyramids of Giza, the Lighthouse of Alexandria, and the Colossal of Rhodes all feature prominently in this card game that lets players construct their own ancient civilization.

3. Ticket to Ride Europe

In this wildly popular game, players compete on a Europe map with the aim of building the best railroad networks between major cities. The cards collected along the way represent ownership of a particular route, and the longer the route, the more points they earn. Ticket to Ride also has versions dedicated to U.S., Asia, and the Nordic Countries, among other places.

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TICKET TO RIDE: EUROPE! By @daysofwonder 🚂 A very quick game of our favourite edition of Ticket To Ride whilst our little boy had his afternoon nap. 🚂 The hoards of yellow carriages are in line and ready to be deployed! 🚂 Our method, is to constantly 'pick up two cards' and then start laying down routes. How many cards can I hold in my hands, I wonder? 🚂 I go for the big beasty route of Petrograd to Stockholm! I survive with not having to match any more drawn yellow cards for the tunnel. I do like this mechanic in the game! Whenever you play a tunnel train line, the top three cards from the draw pile are turned over and if any of them are the same colour, you have to match it. The notion of this mechanic is: how long will this tunnel be? I quite like it. Simple, but tense. 🚂 At the end, I won the game 146 – 110. Surprisingly, I managed to pick up the bonus card of gaining the longest continuous route, too! Whoop! Whoop! 🚂 What is your favourite Ticket To Ride mechanic? 🚂 Stay at home! Stay safe! Keep playing board games! 🚂 Enjoy! 🎲😊👍

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4. Jaipur

Named for the capital of Rajasthan, Jaipur is a fast-paced card game for two. Each player is a trader hoping to arrive at the top of their game to score a place in the Maharajah’s court. Jaipur is much more than just drawing and swapping cards—prevailing requires thought and strategy.

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💎 Jaipur – Our new board game!💎 . Ένα παιχνίδι αγοραπωλησίας για 2 παίκτες! Θα αγοράσετε, θα πουλήσετε ή θα ανταλλάξετε, τι είναι καλύτερο για να κερδίσετε τον αντίπαλό σας και να αποκτήσετε περισσότερους πόντους στο τέλος του παιχνιδιού; . Jaipur is a boardgame where you buy, trade and sell goods. Your goal is to be the richest seller at the end of the game. One of our favorite 2players game! Fast, easy to play and easy to learn. We love it! . 👉 Check our Youtube video for How to play and Review . #epitrapezomania #jaipurboardgame #cardgame #boardgame #boardgames #boardgaming #boardgameaddict #boardgamegeek #boardgamecommunity #boardgamenight #tabletop

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5. Scotland Yard

Scotland Yard is ideal for anyone who loves London as players hunt for Mister X on a map of the English capital. One player is the criminal, the rest are detectives, and all frolic the city streets, passing some of London’s most iconic landmarks along the way.

6. Splendor

Players travel back in time to pose as merchants competing to build Renaissance Europe’s best, most revered jewelry business. They handle all aspects of the business, from polishing the gems to transporting them to securing points of sale, and have tremendous fun doing so.

7. Backpacker

In this card game for two to six people, players compete against one another to see who could bring home the most pics from a trip around the world. Backpacker is perfect to carry on your travels as the compact box slips right into your carry-on or, quite fittingly, your backpack.

8. Airlines

The game travels back in time to the early days of air travel, and players pose as aviation entrepreneurs who build flight routes around Europe.

9. Sagrada

Antoni Gaudí’s Sagrada Familia is an emblem of Barcelona for many reasons, it’s mosaic stained-glass windows no exception. The board game modeled after the Catalan capital‘s iconic landmark lets players complete the glass wonders.

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VEM JOGAR NA ESTANTE 42!! 📢 Quem já jogou Sagrada? Um belíssimo jogo abstrato de dice drafting, muito leve e gostoso de jogar 💙 . Temos em nosso acervo, e o high score é da @dudacca! Alguém pra desafiar e tentar tirar o lugar dela?? 🙊🙊🙊 . Hoje abrimos de 16h às 22h, e a entrada é de 5 ou a consumação é de 10 reais! Só vem jogar com a gente 😁 . . . . #bgg #estante42 #boardgamegeek #boardgaming #boardgames #jogosanalogicos #jogosdemesa #jogosdetabuleiromodernos #jogosdetabuleiro #boardgameaddicted #boardgamelover #boardgamesbr #boardgamephotos #boardgame #juegosdemesa #spieldesjahres #jogos #geek #boardgamers #torneio #kingdomino #queendomino #sagradaboardgame #bgbr #boardgamephotos #riodejaneiro #tijuca #carioca

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10. Codenames

Whether or not you’re a travel lover, there’s just something so intriguing about spydom. Codenames features two teams, each led by a Spy Master. The objective is for each Spy Master to meet with all of his or her agents first, and avoid an assassin along the way. Good times and plenty of laughs!

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