Best of #Musement on Instagram in July 2018

Best of #Musement on Instagram in July 2018

Here’s a look at some of the Instagram pics shared by our community this month.

Summer is in full swing! From pristine beaches to bustling cities to serene mountains and everywhere in between, July is undoubtedly an optimal time to get one’s travel on. And rightfully so…it’s summer! One full month of this glorious season remains and we’re eager to see where everyone’s adventures take them in August. However, July looks quite splendid indeed.

Big thanks to everyone for tagging #Musement! Don’t forget to tag us during both your local adventures and distant travels for the chance to be featured. In no particular order, here are ten destinations from ten of our favorite Instagram pictures this July.

1. Brooklyn,  New York

Prospect Park makes it easy for you to forget that you’re in Brooklyn. Photo: @planestrainsvino

2. Nice, France

Just a quintessential summer day on the Côte d’Azur. Photo: @superchouette

3. Lake City, Colorado

The hills are alive in Colorado. Photo: @alisonholcomb

4. Dubai

Our @miky_dioguardi takes in the view from the top of the Burj Khalifa.

5. Fuerteventura, Canary Islands

Does it get any more paradisiacal than this? Photo: @miklavcsimona

6. Calgary, Alberta, Canada

Sunshine and skyscrapers in Calgary. Photo: @sjkengstrom

7. Rome

There’s really no place like Rome and its magical sunsets, like this one over the Parco degli Acquedotti. Photo: @giggi_gram

8. Paris

We could sit here all day, too. Photo: @parisbypaige

9. Val Brevettola, Montescheno, Piedmont.

Because rainbows render the most scenic landscapes even more scenic. Photo: @el_pevv

10. Oman

When in Oman, take a dip in the majestic Bimmah Sinkhole. It’s just about an hour-and-a-half from Muscat. Photo: @katkaruncakova

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