11 Events happening around the world this November

11 Events happening around the world this November

From a camel fair in India to a turnip festival in England, Musement rounds up events and festivities happening around the world in November.

As winter approaches, autumn is underway with these 11 festivals and celebrations in November.

1. World Vegan Day” November 1

Every November 1, vegans around the world celebrate their lifestyle. Some countries even mark November as World Vegan Month.

2. All Saint’s Day and All Soul’s Day: November 1 and 2

These two holidays often intertwine so we have grouped them together. The latter is also known as Day of the Dead and countries around the world dedicate the day to the memory of their dearly departed loved ones. In Mexico, celebrants don costumes and masks for the commemoration festivities.

3. New York City Marathon: November 3

The mother of all marathons takes place on the first Sunday of each year. Whether you’re participating in the race or just supporting loved ones, don’t forget carb up at one of these excellent pasta restaurants.

4. Pushkar Camel Fair: November 4 – 12

This Rajasthan tradition celebrates the beloved animal and is also a pilgrimage trip for Hindus. The camels sport magnificent colors and accessories and are shown off in parades, beauty pageants, dances and more, ending in an auction.

5. The Melbourne Cup: November 5

Part of the Melbourne Cup Carnival (November 2 – 9) is complete with a prestigious its namesake horse race on November 3. The prestigious event in Melbourne is one of Australia’s most beloved.

6. Räbechilbi Turnip Festival, Switzerland: November 9

At this annual festival in Richterswil, near Zurich, participants carve 30 tons of turnips like a pumpkin, place a candle inside them, then conclude the festivities with a parade.

7. Bom om Tuk Water and Moon, Festival Cambodia: November 10 – 12

This festival takes place once a year to mark the change in the flow of Tonle Sap and the Mekong River, a natural occurrence. Expect a water parade, boat race, moon salutations and other festivities.

8. Yi Peng Lantern Festival, Thailand: November 11 – 12

This enchanting, luminous occasion takes place in Chiang Mai on the full moon of the twelfth lunar month of the year. At this festival of lights, there are plenty of street food vendors, entertainers and a lovely fireworks spectacle.

9. Africa International Film Festival, Nigeria: November 13 – 20

Taking place in Lagos, the Africa International Film Festival was founded in 2010 and showcases African filmmakers creating films, documentaries, shorts, student shorts and animation.

10. Thanksgiving, United States: November 28

This national holiday in the U.S. usually kicks off with a parade and is comprised of a big turkey dinner, mashed potatoes, pumpkin pies and football, all in the company of loved ones.

11. St Andrew’s Day, Scotland: November 30

The feast day of Scotland’s national saint is a day of parties, processions and fireworks.

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