12 festivals around the world this July

12 festivals around the world this July

Musement takes a look at 12 events and celebrations happening around the world this July.

From England to Italy to Canada and the good ole US of A, here’s a look at 12 festivals around the world taking place in July.

1. July 1 – 14: Wimbledon

The 133rd edition of this Grand Slam tennis tournament kicks off at London‘s All England Club. It’s no secret that Wimbledon is a big deal, and it even has its own museum to prove it. Follow along to see if Novak Djokovic and Angelique Kerber hang on to their titles.

2. July 2: Palio di Provenzano, Siena

The first of two annual bareback horse races in Siena, Palio di Provenzano attracts locals and visitors alike. Each of the ten riders hails from a different “contrada” (one of Siena’s 17 districts), and attendees sport the colors of whomever they are supporting. The race, which has Medieval origins, is held in the magnificent Piazza del Campo.

3. July 4: Independence Day, USA

This American national holiday celebrated among family and friends, and most major cities pull out all the stops to present a grand old time. Think barbecues, pool parties, and fireworks!

4. July 5 – 7 and 13 – 14: British Summer Time Hyde Park, London

This annual two-weekend summer concert in London has hosted some of the best names in the biz like The Rolling Stones, Kylie Minogue, Eric Clapton, Bruno Mars, and Michael Bublé. The 2019 edition includes performances from Barbara Streisand, Florence and the Machine, Lykke Li, and more.

5. July 11 – 13: World Bodypainting festival, Austria

This annual festival and competition highlight a medium that is almost as old as humans themselves: bodypainting! Participants from around the world will descend upon Klagenfurt, Austria to compete in 12 categories that include airbrushing and special effects.

6. July 11 – 15: Naadam, Mongolia

This traditional Mongolian festival celebrates the three “manly” games: wrestling, horse racing, and archery. In recent years, the latter two have been opened up to women. The festivities take place across the entire country and locals are always in good spirits.

7. July 12: Panafest, Ghana

This Pan-African Festival occurs every two years in Ghana’s Cape Coast. Having originated in 1992, the festival aims to enhance the unity among the continent’s inhabitants and always promises to be a profound experience.

8. July 12: Beer Can Regatta, Australia

Since 1974, the Darwin Beer Can Regatta has presented a creative manner for recycling aluminum beer cans: participants craft boats from empty beer and soda cans as well as milk cartons, then take to the sea. The regatta winner receives a cash prize.

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9. July 14: Bastille Day, France

This national holiday commemorates the 1789 storming of the Bastille, which subesequently prompted the French Revolution. Locals spend the day with loved ones, picnicking on the Seine (if in Paris), and admiring fireworks, such as the stupdendous display over the Eiffel Tower.

10. July 15: Marine Day, Japan

Also known as the Day of the Sea or Ocean Day, Marine Day in Japan gives thanks to the ocean and all the wonders she offers the island nation. Many observe the holiday by spending the day at the beach.

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11.July 27, 31, and August 3: The Celebration of Light, Vancouver

This musical fireworks spectacle lights up Vancouver‘s English Bay, and teams from India and Croatia are among the 2019 competitors. Atenedees are in for a dazzling treat!

July 31 – August 4: Maine Lobster Festival

One of the most emblematic American eats is the lobster roll, seasoned lobster meat (often coated in mayo) served on a grilled hot dog bun. Maine is famous for its lobsters and inherently, its lobster rolls, and the Maine Lobster Festival in Rockland celebrates the red crustacean in all its various incarnations.

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