Mountain biking in Sardinia, between land and sea

Mountain biking in Sardinia, between land and sea

Sardinia is a heavenly island that has retained its authenticity. The landscapes are wild and the contrasts are striking. The alternating seaside and mountain tracks as well as the diversity of the sites make the island a dream destination for mountain bike lovers.

When I arrived in Sardinia, I was immediately taken with the diversity of landscapes which juxtapose both the island’s wild and slightly archaic sides. This island is good for your well being and exudes health! The people are very athletic and I’ve always been very athletic myself, so I welcomed the opportunity to discover new activities like kite surfing and mountain biking. While kitesurfing is more of a May and June activity,  you can mountain bike in Sardinia all year round. The climate is warm and dry so rainy days are rare especially compared to nearby Corsica. Further inland, winter can be harsh, snow may fall and blanket some peaks, but the seaside climate is still suitable for a mountain bike ride.

Capo Caccia

Sardinia, between land and sea

Mountain biking is one of the most popular activities in Sardinia and there are hundreds of tracks, but I would often venture out on my own. Mountain biking provides a sense of incredible freedom, allowing you to discover spots inaccessible by car and enjoy each treasure in this wonderful land at your own pace like the Nuragic sites and sheep farms. The variety of bike paths is incredible: seaside roads, wide dirt roads and single tracks and secret paths. As you ride, you become immersed in the depths of Sardinian culture that is ingrained in these small villages seemingly located in the middle of nowhere. Each path leads to the sea and the elevation offers breathtaking views of the island. Whatever the season, the air is always nice, the roads are in good condition and there are many tracks that are well maintained and traffic free.


At a bend in Alghero

The regional nature park of Porto Conte

Located twenty kilometers from Alghero, Porto Conte Park is easily accessible by bike. From the city, follow the SS 127 heading north, and the park is a few kilometers after the Fertilia village. You’ll find extraordinary plant and animal species as well as the remains of the Nuragic age. A variety of flora can be admired: knapweeds, pines, arbutus plants and helichrysums. The fauna is also amazing! Wild horses are a rare beauty, and you will also find other creatures like turtles, wild donkeys and harmless snakes. The breathtaking view from the top spans the Bay of Porto Conte, Capo Caccia and Alghero as well as the peaks extending towards Bosa. This track is beginner friendly and admission to the park is free, however, make sure to register with the wardens!

Mountain bike excursion in Alghero

Northwest: Wild routes open to everyone!

Sardinia’s various tracks mean that anyone can enjoy mountain biking when visiting the island: families, beginners, experts, etc. The island is still an unknown land with many possibilities: Cross country, downhill, freeride, enduro and road tracks. Between the sea and the mountains, you will discover different worlds within isolated and secret places. In the Northwest, the turquoise waters of Stintino, the charm of the Bosa road, the ancient miner village of Argentiera and more. You will not be disappointed!


Photo break with a sea view


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