Naples with kids

Naples with kids

Here are some tips on how to get the most out of a family holiday in Naples  that are fun for the whole family.

Traveling with the kids can be challenging, but when all goes smoothly, it’s an incredible experience—for adults too, who get to have more fun than if they had gone alone.

Here’s a look at some activities in Naples and its surroundings that are fun for the whole family and will make your vacation unforgettable.

First of all, pick up the Naples Artecard, a card that allows you to visit the most important places in Campania’s capital. The fun welcome pack includes a guide and city map, and you can let the kids hold on to it. They’ll love feeling involved and always have something on hand as a reference for the trip! With this card, it will be much more convenient–literally child’s play!–to visit all the attractions, such as the Royal Palace of Naples, St. Elmo’s Castle and the PLART Foundation.

When traveling with the little ones, it can be difficult to keep to a schedule. You have to be flexible, ready to handle any unexpected incidents and an expert at improvising on the spot. So, it’s best to plan itineraries that are not only interesting and well-structured, but also bookable at the last minute. Did you just have lunch in the old center and the children are hyperactive? Book a last minute walking tour of the city with a private guide right there on the spot! Have the kids just woken up and you’ve run out of things to do in Naples itself? Then take a tour of Herculaneum with a private guide.

A surefire way to keep the kids in high spirits is to make sure they never get bored. With this in mind, a treasure hunt at the Castel dell’Ovo will certainly fit the bill. Start at the National Library of Naples where, with the help of actors, the participants have to investigate the mysterious presence haunting the corridors of the castle…it’s tons of fun! If your kids love mystery and old legends, you can also book a special tour to discover the mysterious churches and other such places in the city.

It’s time for you and the young ‘uns to get your hands dirty! What better way to end a day full of art and culture than by eating some world-famous Neapolitan pizza? Its no secret that food tastes better when prepared with love and care, so take a pizza-making class together as a family. Have you fun kneading the pizza dough and learn to top it like a Neapolitan master pizzaiolo. After cooking the pie in a wood-fired oven, feast on it together with drinks, appetizers and dessert. You.

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