Around the world in 15 waffles

Around the world in 15 waffles

In honor of International Waffle Day, Musement has put together a guide to all sorts of waffles from around the world!

March 25 is International Waffle Day! This gourmet celebration comes straight from Sweden, where the Våffeldagen, or “waffle party,” is taken very seriously! Take the opportunity to discover the different varieties of this hard-to-resist treat that exist throughout the world.

1. Brussels Waffles

The waffle typical of Brussels is the one we know best: rectangular, light and airy. They’re enjoyed at carnivals and usually eaten covered with powdered sugar or chocolate.

2. Liège Waffles

The Liège waffle is smaller, more rounded and especially heavier because its thick paste contains nib sugar, also called pearl, that’s typically used for baking as it doesn’t melt at higher temperatures.

3. Stroopwafel, Amsterdam

Gourmands inevitably associate Amsterdam with Stroopwafels, which are flat, round and crispy wafers filled with caramel syrup. In Dutch, Stroopwafel literally means “waffles in syrup.” Head over to the Albert Cuyp Market to taste an authentic version of these sweets prepared right before your eyes.

4. Bubble Waffles, Hong Kong

For us, a waffle is made of square cells. In Hong Kong, bubble or egg waffles are made of beautiful round bubbles rather than square cavities. Once cooked, the bubble waffle is garnished with your choice of toppings and rolled up like a wrap. Particularly Instagrammable, these waffles have likely showed up in your Instagram feed at some point.

5. American-Style Waffles, United States

Inspired by the Belgian waffle, the American-style Waffle is timeless — particularly appreciated covered with maple syrup or as an accompaniment with fried chicken.

6. Pandan Waffles, Vietnam

In Vietnam, waffles are made with coconut milk and pandan leaf extract. Often compared to vanilla of the West, pandan is frequently used for pastry in Vietnam. It gives the desserts a delicious aroma and a nice green color.

7. Pizzelle, Italy

Pizzelle are golden wafers from central Italy that are particularly popular during the Christmas period.

8. Potato Waffles, Great Britain

Not much into sweets? Want something different and tasty for your brunch? Get inspired by the Brits and start your day with potato waffles!

9. Lacquemant Waffles, Liège

In Liège, Switzerland, locals don’t just eat thick waffles topped with nib sugar. It’s also possible to find them at fairs. These wafers are like the Dutch stroopwafel, but lacquemants are stuffed AND covered with orange-blossom-flavored syrup.

10. Flemish Waffles

The Flemish waffle or brown-sugar waffle is an oval-shaped waffle (a bit like a very big quenelle) stuffed with butter.

11. Swedish Waffles

Generally served with whipped cream and jam, the Swedish waffle—thin, crispy and usually heart-shaped is a staple of local cuisine. In Sweden, Våffeldagen, the waffle party, is a popular celebration!

12. Hot Dog Waffles, Canada

Waffles do not have to be round or rectangular….they can also be hot-dog shaped. Originally stuffed with sausage, Hot dog waffles are covered with any type of sauce, which is the case at Pinoy Waffles in Toronto.

13. Taiyaki, Tokyo

Even more original than the hot dog waffle, taiyaki is a fish-shaped waffle, more precisely a sea bream as taiyaki literally means “cooked sea bream.” Originally stuffed with anko, the famous Japanese sweet red bean paste sold during matsuri (traditional festivals), nowadays cream, chocolate, and savory versions can be found. It seems that the first taiyaki was actually not cooked in a matsuri but in Tokyo, in the store Naniwaya in 1909.

14. Num Poum, Cambodia

Num poum are crisp waffles made from rice flour, cream and coconut milk that are sold in the street. They are best consumed plain and while they’re hot.

15. Dunkirk Waffles

The Dunkirk waffle is a dry, crunchy, crispy waffle made with brown sugar that tastes like butter, cinnamon, and sugar that’s reminiscent of speculoos. In Dunkirk, it’s common to give them to friends, family, and neighbors to wish them a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year.

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