13 of the best foods in Dubai

13 of the best foods in Dubai

From a camel burger to an Indian samboosa, Musement takes a look at 13 foods to eat in Dubai.

The Dubai Food Festival kicks off on February 26, launching 18 days of gastronomic delights in honor of Emirati cuisine and the city’s best eats. Yet, any day of the year is a thrilling one for a meal in Dubai. Here are 13 foods to save room for when you’re in town (perhaps for a stopover?) — or in Abu Dhabi or anywhere in the UAE for that matter.

1. Khuzi

Considered the national dish of the UAE, Khuzi is comprised of roasted lamb or goat served atop a bed of exuberantly spiced rice, often studded with assorted nuts and finished with some vegetables.

2. Samboosa

Dubai is home to a large Indian population — in fact, Indians are the UAE’s largest group of ex-pats — so it’s not surprising that the lively Little India quarter serves some of the most enticing eats in town. While we recommend everything, don’t miss the samboosa (also known as samosa), triangle-shaped pastries stuffed with savory fillings like minced meat, potatoes and vegetables. Try one as part of an an evening food tour.

3. Margoogat

This staple of Emirati cuisine is zesty chicken and vegetable stew often complete with a particular Levantine bread that often remains unbaked before being added to the rich, hearty stew toward the end of the cooking process.

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4. Manousheh

Though often associated with Lebanon, this “Arab pizza” can be found throughout the Middle East, crowned with an array of toppings, from halloumi cheese to spices like za’atar to shredded meat and more — a popular breakfast food enjoyed throughout the day.

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Manakish/ manaeesh is a Levantine food; refering to the cuisine from the Levant, a geographical area with a long historic significance comprising of Lebanon, Palestine, Jordan, Syria, Israel, parts of Turkey.This popular snack consists of dough topped with za'atar, cheese, or minced meat. What is za'atar ? Za'atar a grounded mix of thyme, oregano, toasted sesame seeds, flavoured with salt and sumac and olive oil ie the herbs, spices which are conventionally available in the middle eastern regions. The za'atar is mixed with olive oil and spread onto the dough before baking it in the oven. Cheese endemic to this region such as the kashkaval, is another popular topping and za'atar is often mixed with cheese to enhance its flavour. Minced meat is another topping when the manakeesh is meant for a heavier meal, and often served with pickled vegetables and yoghurt. In Frame : we have a stack of freshly baked Za'atar and cheese manakeesh and the beef and cheese manakeesh in the background. Words don't do justice to the heavenly aroma from the za'atar when these beauties popped out of the traditional brick oven. I had to get a click before the manager shooed me away ! True story: I had my dad do a late night run to the bakery so that I could munch my manakeesh on the early morning flight back to Mumbai. With a heavy heart i savoured my last morsel of bread, while watching the first light hit the horizon from my flight window, contemplating my uncertain return to my home and to the food I have loved growing up to. It's good to be back on insta though 🙂 hope you missed me ! Yours truly Thecurvedprobe #manakeesh #manaqish #levant #lebanon #lebanesefood #syria #zaatar #cheese #meat #arabicfood #levantine #streetfood #dubai #thingstodoindubai #uae #uaenationalday #abudhabi #thingstodoinabudhabi #manousheh #manaeesh #labanese #turkishfood #cairo

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5. Camel Burger

Yes, a burger made from camel meat. In 2010, Local House began offering camel as a healthier burger alternative, and it became a phenomenon. Incredibly tasty, the came burger is also much lower in fat and cholesterol than those made from beef. Nowadays, you can find them all around town as well as in the other emirates.

6. Seafood

The heavily carnivorous component of Emirati cuisine can make it easy to forget the country’s location on the Persian Gulf, which is indicative of an abundance of seafood. Ibn AlBahr at the Palm Jumeirah is one of the best places to enjoy some…head inside and choose your fish from the day’s catch displayed on the ice bed.

7. Fattoush

This refreshing Levantine chopped salad marries a variety of flavors and textures, usually comprised of mixed greens, tomatoes, radishes, cucumbers and other vegetables, all complemented by small pieces of fried khubz, a Middle Eastern flatbread.

8. Dates

This sweet fruit from the date palm tree is ubiquitous in the UAE, served in myriad varieties, filled with delights ranging from orange peel to roasted almond. The best place to sample one? Bateel, hands down — the world’s only gourmet date producer since 1936.

9. Chebab

Not to be confused in any way, shape or form with a kebab, the chebab is a fluffy cardamon and saffron pancake accompanied by creamy, white cheese and sweet syrup or honey…a beloved breakfast treat.

10. Kanafeh

A dessert found throughout the Middle East, Kanafeh consists of delightfully gooey, stringy cheese coated in thinly shredded phyllo pastry and topped with a sweet syrup.

11. Esh Hasarya

Nicknamed “the bread of the harem,” Esh Hasarya, a creamy, melt-in-your-mouth sweet with cheesecake-like texture, is considered an emblem of Dubai’s food scene and can be found on most dessert menus. Comprised of rose and orange blossom water, sugar syrup and caramel, you should definitely leave enough room for a slice.

12. Kellaj

These crispy thin pastries are filled with ashta, a cream flavored with rose and orange blossom waters, glazed with sweet syrup and topped with ground pistachios. Available year-round, Kellaj are associated with Ramadan as they can be found at pretty much every iftar held during the Islamic month of fasting.

13. Luqaimat

Honey-soaked fried dough balls are often covered in sesame seeds, luqaimat are another iftar staple.

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