10 foods you must try in Austria

10 foods you must try in Austria

From the country’s national dish to apricot jam-stuffed crepes sprinkled with powdered sugar, Musement offers a glimpse of ten foods you must try when you’re in Austria.

One of these days, we’ll be able to travel again. In the meantime, we love showing love to the destinations we adore, one of which is Austria. Whether you’re visiting the capital Vienna, paying homage to Mozart in Salzburg, or exploring the majestic Alps, you’re going to have to stay satiated. Here are our ten foods you must eat when you travel to Austria.

1. Wiener Schnitzel

Austria’s national dish! This breaded veal cutlet arrived in Austria (likely from Italy) during the late 19th century and has been considered a classic food ever since.

2. Sachertorte

This dense chocolate cake topped with a layer of apricot jam then coated with dark chocolate is emblematic of the country. There’s plenty of great places to sample sachertorte in Vienna, and the version at both the Vienna and Salzburg Hotel Sacher locations is said to be the original recipe.

3. Apple Strudel

A staple of the Austro-Hungarian Empire, apple strudel can be found around Europe but its roots lay in Austria. The dough, similar to phyllo, is stretched thin then filled with apple and cinnamon. Enjoy a slice in one of Vienna’s historic coffee houses alongside a melange — there’s plenty to do in Vienna, but squeeze one into your schedule…you won’t be sorry.

4. Knödel

These bread and potato dumplings are often found in soups or alongside hearty meat dishes. This popular side can also be enjoyed on its own, in an array of different sweet and savory flavor varieties.

5. Belegte Brote

Open-faced sandwiches are popular around the world, and Austria is no exception. Belegte Brote, a popular snack food, consists of a rye bread base topped with mashed vegetables, puree, cold cuts, or a salad—perfect for some on-the-fly nourishment.

6. Speck

Austrian speck differs slightly from the smoked Italian ham you might know as speck. The smoked or pickled pork belly is made and enjoyed around the country, with two PGIs: the Gailtaler and Tyrolean varieties.

7. Käsekrainer

This traditional street food is a must, and if you find yourself in Vienna, one of the best places to savor some Käsekrainer is at the sausage stand across from the opera house. These sausages are stuffed with Emmenthaler cheese and smoked over applewood. At the sausage stands, they inject some mustard into the bread, insert the sausage, or you can order it sliced and complete with horseradish — either way it’s glorious.


Hungarian in origin, goulash carved out a place for itself in the Austrian cuisine canon during the late 19th century. Many varieties of this hearty stew containing meat, vegetables, and spices abound, but one of the most popular is undoubtedly saftgulasch, prepared with meat and onions. Don’t be surprised to find it accompanied by the aforementioned knödel.

9. Kürbis suppe

Pumpkin soup, which has its roots in the state of Styria, is popular around the country. Warm, cozy, and comforting, the soup is particularly delightful when the cold weather starts to settle. It’s often finished with a drizzle of dark green pumpkin seed oil, a local specialty.

10. Palatschinken

These Austrian crepes, a little thicker than the French version, are filled with apricot jam, rolled up, and topped with powdered sugar — light, airy, and ever-so satisfying.

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