How to beat Wanderlust at home

How to beat Wanderlust at home

Sometimes it isn’t easy to just pick up and go as we please. Here are eleven ways to still get your travel fix and beat wanderlust at home.

We at Musement love to broaden our horizons. However, given the current circumstances, we can’t just pick up and explore a far-off land at the drop of a hat. We believe that one of the best places for a new adventure is right here at home. A five-minute, out-of-the-way detour could lead to the discovery of an edgy art gallery or a restaurant that can temporarily transport us to an exotic locale via our taste buds. Who knows?!

Stepping outside your comfort zone at home can lead to a myriad of new discoveries, so here are eleven suggestions for some of the best ways to travel from home while you wait for the moment to pack your bags and set off to travel again.

1. Enjoy the wonders of your hometown

Explored the whole world but never been to your local major attraction? Dive into your local history and discover the neighborhoods close by. Now is the perfect time to visit that museum or art gallery a few towns over that you never found the time to visit. With the current travel restrictions in place, there is no better time to be a tourist in your own neighborhood.

2. Organize a movie night

What cities or countries are on your travel wish list? Why not transport yourself to your favorite destinations from the comfort of your own couch with the click of a button? Spending the night watching iconic landmarks on the tv screen can help temporarily cure that desire to get out and travel. Enjoy the majestic canals of Venice with Bread and Tulips, the romance of Paris with Amelie, or the magic of London with the Harry Potter series.

3. Change your work route

Did you know we only use around 10% of our brains? Don’t fall into the habit of doing the same thing each day. Finding a new route is an easy way to get new stimuli. Break your routine of taking the same roads to work. Instead, take a detour and drive the unknown streets, you could see some things that you never knew existed. Just like brushing your teeth with your non-dominant hand, this trick could cure your wanderlust and boost your brain altogether!

4. Learn a new language

What better way to prepare yourself for future travels than being able to communicate with the locals in your next travel destination. With a handful of apps to choose from, learning a new language has become a whole lot easier. These apps will allow you to build your knowledge and pronunciation skills in a fun, interactive way. Did you know that learning a third language is easier than learning the second one? If you already know two… easy! If you only know one, let’s get started!

5. Try a new restaurant

You can experience places around the globe from your own kitchen. Whether it’s preparing an international dish from an online cooking class or ordering food from a different restaurant, your tastebuds can take you on a trip around the world. Trying foreign cuisine food is so much more than unusual flavors. It allows you to experience a different culture on a deeper level as you eat something you aren’t accustomed to.

6. Explore a city or museum virtually

Have you ever thought about seeing the Mona Lisa in your pajamas? If not, you can now add and cross it off your bucket list. Or what about bad weather ruining your plans to take a tour of the city you’re visiting just for the day? In order to avoid waiting in line for hours outside, many renowned museums around the world are offering virtual tours to check out their exhibits. You can get up close and personal to some of your favorite art pieces. What better way to explore the Louvre or a tour of Athens from the comfort of your own house!

7. Create a travel collage

Another creative way to travel from home. If you are somebody who loves taking pictures on their adventures, put together a travel collage or scrapbook of all your past memories. Relive those precious moments, like when you were holding up the Leaning Tower of Pisa or looking out from the 124th floor of the Burj Khalifa. Sort out the pictures by city so you can see what landmarks are missing from your collage, the pictures that you might want to reenact, or which ones need an updated version.

8. Play travel related board games

If you miss spending quality time with the family on vacation, you can now pass the time competing against them playing a board game. Take your travel adventures to your kitchen table with games like Backpacker, Ticket to Ride Europe, and Monopoly Here & Now Edition. Mix in a couple of worldly cocktails, prepare some food, and let the games begin!

9. Discover the outdoors

Explore the outdoors from the indoors. If you’re not the type of person who enjoys nature and hiking outdoors, you have the luxury to visit some of the most spectacular national parks from your comfort zone. With many live webcams available, you can admire Yosemite and see the beautiful waterfalls, or experience the sun glistening off the rock formations at Zion National Park during a sunrise.

10. Read a travel book

Travel from home with the use of your imagination. If you’ve been watching too much tv, you can always pick up a book and let your mind take over. Put yourself in the shoes of your favorite protagonists and follow their every move. From the streets of London with Oliver Twist to being a spy and trying to assassin the French president in The Day of the Jackal, reading will help cure your wanderlust.

11. Plan your future travels

There’s no better way to help cure the travel itch than to start planning for your future travels. Map out all those top destinations that you can’t wait to see once you’ve got the “ok” to pack your bags again. Whether it be a local trip or a long-haul, it’s better to be prepared and ready to seize the moment. Travel blogs are a big help for researching and learning about new cities that you’ve always wanted to visit. You can also find restaurants that are worth stopping at for a meal or the best hotels to sleep at. The time to spread your wings will be here before you know it!

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