10 charming hidden beaches in Italy

10 charming hidden beaches in Italy

As Italy starts to adapt to the new normal, here’s a look at 10 gorgeous hidden beaches in Italy where you can take refuge from the crowds.

Italy is up and running again. Whether it’s attainable or not at this time, it’s almost impossible to not dream of a pristine, paradise-like beach to relax on in peace and quiet.

Most Italians go on vacation during the month of August and while the Italian beach season is likely to be more different than ever this year due to COVID-19, it might be worth checking out those that truly hidden and relatively untouched. Here are ten of the most charming hidden beaches in Italy.

1. Arcomagno Beach, Calabria

An incredibly picturesque beach that’s out of the way compared to the magnificent wide beaches of Tropea. The defining feature of this small, pristine beach (just over 80-feet wide) is an arch made of rocks, the Arcomagno, which makes it unique and protects it from the stormy sea. To reach it, park your car in Marinella and venture along a short but steep path carved into the rock.

2. Spiaggia Sospetto, Puglia

This pebble beach in the Gargano National Park can only be reached by foot along a path immersed in nature. There are no services of any kind, only pristine nature, and the crystal clear sea.

3. Punta Prodani Beach, Liguria

This beach is located near the Lido delle Sirene in Bergeggi, but it is even more hidden and can only be reached by sea. Nestled between rocks made of fine sandstone and light gravel, the water is turquoise and the seabed is full of animals you can get acquainted with (respectfully, of course) during a diving or snorkeling session.

4. Cala di Forno, Tuscany

The beaches that are found within Italy’s national parks and nature preserves are the most hidden and pristine, such as Cala di Forno in the Maremma National Park. Immersed among Mediterranean maquis shrubs, Cala di Forno evokes the Caribbean. All this creates an unexpected and striking contrast with the remains of the derelict customs building nearby.

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5. Spiaggia della Monaca, Basilicata

This wild, isolated beach is characterized by ridges of what looks like living rock that make the access route from land seem impassable—but not impossible. It looks like a terrestrial oasis, and you’re very unlikely to ever find it crowded, even during the months of high season.

6. Spiaggia dei Gabbiani, Marche

The Spiaggia dei Gabbiani (“Seagulls’ Beach”) is a magical place where the white rocks of the Conero plunge headlong into the turquoise sea, creating a cove sheltered from the wind and waves. It can only be reached from the sea. At the moment stepping onto the beach itself is forbidden—but you can always take a nice swim near the shore.

7. Cala Monte di Luna, Campania

Located in the Cilento National Park, Cala Monte di Luna is a place so staggering and picturesque that it looks like it comes from another world. Cala Monte di Luna is overlooked by a mountain and surrounded by sea caves, inlets and lush vegetation that recall the Garden of Eden. The area is also of great historical importance as the caves contain archeological artifacts that date back to the Stone Age.

8. Calata Turchino, Abruzzo

There are several magnificent beaches in the San Vito Marina area, including Calata Turchino. This beach is fascinating and well hidden, with crystal clear waters. Its most distinct feature is the presence of a trabocco, an ancient wooden platform used for fishing that makes the view of the sea particularly picturesque.

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9. Cala Goloritzé, Sardinia

One of the many dreamy beaches of Sardina, Cala Goloritzé is not exactly a “secret” beach. However, it’s not even remotely close to the road and can be reached either by sea (obviously) or by a trekking path through nature that takes several hours. With its white rocks and sparkling blue water, Cala Goloritzé is so beautiful that many people won’t let themselves be deterred by the tiring voyage to get there. In any case, it’s truly worth the trip.

10. Laghetto delle Ondine, Pantelleria

Isolated and difficult to find, this “little lake” created by volcanic rocks that form natural pools in the sea is truly impressive. You can reach it on foot by climbing the rocks on an unmarked path near the Punta Spadillo Lighthouse.

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