10 charming hidden beaches in Italy

10 charming hidden beaches in Italy

From Calabria to Liguria, passing through Tuscany and Marche, discover ten little-known beaches where you can enjoy the sea without the crowds.

Finally, those much-awaited summer holidays have arrived. It’s time to revel in the sun and warm sand, go diving off cliffs and eat ice cream on the beach. The only problem is everyone has the same idea! This means it’s more than likely you’ll have to put up with the crowds and some noisy neighbors on the sand. If you can’t wait to lie in the sun but want to avoid the stress of the high season, then read on.

While we can’t promise these places will be empty or miraculously whisk the people away, below is a list of beaches we consider to be ‘hidden’, because they’re only accessible by sea or via a long walk.

From Puglia to Liguria, discover 10 hidden (and beautiful) beaches you should visit this summer. They’re ideal for a beach vacation or even just for a weekend escape from the city.

1. Arcomagno Beach, Calabria

Compared to the magnificent wide beaches of Tropea, this picturesque beach is off the beaten path. The defining feature of this small, pristine beach (just over 80-ft wide) is an arch made of rocks, the Arcomagno, which makes it unique and protects it from the stormy sea. To reach it, park your car in Marinella and venture along a short but steep path carved into the rock.


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2. Spiaggia Sospetto, Puglia

This pebble beach in the Gargano National Park can only be reached by foot along a path immersed in nature. There are no services of any kind, only untouched nature, and the crystal clear sea. The area is also known as the Spiaggia di Murgia della Madonna, because according to local legend a group of fisherman had a vision of the Virgin Mary in this paradisical location.


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3. Punta Prodani Beach, Liguria

Located near the Lido delle Sirene in Bergeggi, this beach is even more hidden and can only be reached by sea. Nestled between rocks made of fine sandstone and light gravel, the water is turquoise and the seabed is full of marine life you can get acquainted with (respectfully, of course) during a diving or snorkeling session.


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4. Cala di Forno, Tuscany

Tucked away in Italy’s national parks and nature preserves are some of the most secret and pristine beaches. In particular, the Cala di Forno in the Maremma National Park is a quiet and dreamy beach with transparent waters. Immersed among Mediterranean maquis shrubs the beach creates a striking contrast with the nearby abandoned buildings.


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5. Spiaggia della Monaca, Basilicata

This wild, isolated beach is characterized by rugged, rocky cliffs that make the access route from land seem impassable—but by no means is it impossible to reach. An earthly paradise, this beach rarely gets crowded, even during the months of high season.


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6. Spiaggia dei Gabbiani, Marche

The Spiaggia dei Gabbiani (Seagulls Beach) is a magical place where the white rocks of the Conero plunge headlong into the turquoise sea, creating a cove sheltered from the wind and waves. It can only be reached from the sea. Stepping onto the beach itself isn’t currently allowed—but you can always take a nice swim near the shore.


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7. Cala Monte di Luna, Campania

Located in the Cilento National Park, Cala Monte di Luna is a place so dramatic and picturesque that it looks like it comes from another world. Sitting in the shadow of a mountain, it’s surrounded by sea caves, coves and lush vegetation. The area is also of great historical importance as the caves contain archeological artifacts dating back to the Stone Age.


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8. Spiaggia di Calata Turchino, Abruzzo

In the area of San Vito Marina there are several beautiful beaches like the Calata Turchino, which, as the name suggests, is famous for its stunning turquoise waters. This beach is not only pretty and hidden, it also features a trabocco (an ancient wooden platform used for fishing), which makes the panorama particularly charming.


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9. Cala Goloritzé, Sardinia

One of the many dreamy beaches of Sardina, Cala Goloritzé is not exactly a secret, but it’s certainly tricky to get to. Far from the road it can only be reached either by sea or by following a path for a few hours through the natural landscape. With its white rocks and sparkling blue water, Cala Goloritzé is so stunning that for many people the challenging journey is entirely worth it.

10. Laghetto delle Ondine, Pantelleria

Isolated and difficult to find, this ‘little lake’ of volcanic rocks is like a natural pool in the sea and is truly impressive. You can reach it on foot by crossing the rocks near the Punta Spadillo Lighthouse. Keep in mind that the path is not signposted the entire way.


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