Around the world in 15 vegetarian dishes

Around the world in 15 vegetarian dishes

In honor of World Vegetarian Day, Musement explores 15 of the world’s most traditional vegetarian dishes from different countries.

October 1 marks World Vegetarian Day, and Musement has selected 15 vegetarian specialties from around the world that truly represent their countries and cultures. More or less popular, more or less healthy, here’s a list of 15 vegetarian dishes you can test when you’re out or even prepare at home.

1. Dhal, India

Dhal is a dish of Indian origin that’s based on aromatic coral lentils. Warm and comforting, dhal’s aroma alone will entice you. For a complete, classic vegetarian meal, serve it with Basmati rice.

2. Greek Salad, Greece

A true emblem of Greek cuisine and the Mediterranean diet, this crispy, fresh salad is the perfect accompaniment for all local dishes.

3. Falafel, Middle East

Whether it’s prepared with chickpeas as in Israel and Palestine, beans as in Egypt or a blend of the two as Lebanese commonly do, these small balls—crunchy on the outside and tender on the inside—are immensely popular throughout the Middle East. Serve them with hummus, tahini or yogurt.

4. Miso Soup, Japan

Like rice, miso soup is a must-have dish that accompanies almost every meal in Japan, a country teeming with good eats. Especially tasty, miso soup also boosts your health as its rich in vitamins, proteins and minerals—the perfect anecdote for winter.

5. Tamales, Mexico

Extremely popular in Mexico, these cornmeal rolls are wrapped in banana or corn leaves and then steamed. While they’re commonly stuffed with pork or chicken, you can opt for a vegetarian version with cheese or black bean stuffing.

6. Tortilla de patatas, Spain

We mentioned tortilla de patatas in our article about Spanish cuisine, and we couldn’t omit this traditional Iberian dish from a list of the world’s top international vegetarian specialties. Eggs, potatoes and a few slivers of onion—what could be more practical for an impromptu meal or an informal picnic?

7. Margherita pizza, Italy

The great classics of Italian cuisine are often vegetarian. We could have told you about pasta with tomato sauce or pesto, but we prefer to single out the Margherita pizza. An emblem of Italy and the city of Naples, the ingredients represent the colors of the Italian flag: red tomato, white mozzarella and green basil leaves.

8. Mac ‘n’ cheese, USA

In the U.S., mac ‘n’ cheese is a staple. Whether it’s out of a box with a powdered cheese sauce base in your college dorm or a lavish homemade version, it’s perfect as a side dish, but even better on its own.

9. Savoyard fondue, Switzerland

Savoyard fondue is an ideal dish to warm up and fill up on calories after a day of skiing or hiking. Synonymous with socializing, the dish warms both the body and the mind.

10. Sarma and dolma, Turkey

Turks feast on these essentials during various celebrations and festivities. These stuffed grape leaves are available in many versions, vegetarian included, often filled with rice, bulgur and vegetables, and then wrapped up.

11. Ajapsandali, Georgia

Ajapsandali is a bit like a French ratatouille, and like ratatouille, there are many variants. That said, some ingredients never change, and those include eggplant, tomato, onion, pepper and spices. This traditional dish is often served with potatoes.

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🇬🇪 Аджапсандали/Georgian Ajapsandali🥗 ⠀ ☀️Лето, ах, лето! Уехали от городской суеты на дачу. ⠀ 😢Травмированный палец, нет возможности готовить. И я несказанно благодарна мужу и друзьям, которые мне вчера помогли. ⠀ ❤️Спасибо @marina._.baranova , что напомнила мне про Аджапсандали! ⠀ – 3 больших баклажана – 3 больших помидора – 4 грунтовых перца – сладкий красный лук – кинза – 3-4 зубчица чеснока – острый перчик (кусочек!) – соль – 1ч.л. кориандра – хмели сунели 2ч.л. (я не добавляла!) – растительное масло 2ч.л. ⠀ 1. Нанизываем на шампуры баклажаны, перцы и помидоры. Жарим на углях до тех пор, пока шкурки не начнут слезать. 2. Дать овощам чуть остыть. 3. Овощи очистить, из томатов, перца, помидоров убрать семечки. 4. Баклажаны разобрать на волокна, к ним порезать кубиками помидоры и перец. 5. Кинзу и чеснок мелко порубить и добавить к овощам. 6. Нарезать сладкий лук. 7. Посолить, сбрызнуть маслом и все перемешать. 8. Дать настояться! ⠀ 🤤Как же это вкусно. С дымком! ⠀ 🤫Кстати, у Марины вы найдете рецепт аджапсандали в домашних условиях! ⠀ #bakemeliza #hautescuisines #hautescuisines_global #thehub_food #foodfluffer #firstweeat #halfbakedharvest #kitchn #thewayweeat #food52gram #foodblogfeed

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12. La Poutine, Canada

This particularly restorative dish helps combat Quebec’s cold weather. Far from being light (or even healthy), poutine is comprised of French fries, cheese curds sometimes called skouik-skouik (taken from the sound it makes in your mouth), and poutine sauce, or brown gravy. Poutine, or French fries with cheese and gravy, has earned a place in the cannon of American diner food.

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13. Pad Thai, Thailand

Pad Thai is a traditional Thai dish cooked in a wok and made with rice noodles sautéed with diced vegetables. This is without a doubt Thailand’s most exported dish.

14. Caldo Verde, Portugal

Its name alone well describes this Portuguese dish, caldo verde—literally “green broth”—is a soup made with green cabbage and potatoes. While it may seem overly simple, it’s really tasty, which probably explains why it can be found in almost every restaurant in Portugal!

15. Kartoffelsalat, Germany

Consistent and versatile, kartoffelsalat, Germany’s classic potato salad, can accompany all sauces and seasons. If you decide to take part in Oktoberfest in Munich or any other beer festival in Europe this autumn, this will be your best ally.

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