10 of the world’s best gourmet shops

10 of the world’s best gourmet shops

From New York to St. Petersburg to Paris to Lisbon, Musement offers you a snapshot of ten of the world’s most famous gourmet shops.

Fauchon in Paris, Fortnum & Mason in London, Peck in Milan — these genuine local institutions and temples of gastronomy represent essential stops for any traveler. Whether you want to taste the best of local specialties and high-end products selected to grace the shelves of these boutiques or grab a souvenir to take back to your home country, don’t hesitate to open the doors of one of these ten world-renowned gourmet shops that should be on the bucket list of every food pilgrim.

1. Agata & Valentina, New York

Agata & Valentina were a famous Sicilian mother and daughter, but it’s also the name of a New York shop where you’ll find all kinds of high-quality gourmet products, and not just Italian ones. The first store opened in 1993 on the Upper East Side, and the second in 2012 in Greenwich Village. It’s also possible to buy prepared dishes on-site — ideal for anyone who doesn’t want to go to a restaurant or cook.

2. Peck, Milan

The temple of Italian gastronomy, Peck is a real institution in Milan. This delicatessen, one of Italy’s most famous, was founded in 1883 just a stone’s throw from the city’s iconic Duomo. Fine gourmets will find pleasure amidst the cold meats, cheeses and top-of-the-line wines. It is also possible to eat on site.

3. Fauchon, Paris

In its emblematic boutique at 30 Place de la Madeleine in Paris, Fauchon, a great name in French gastronomy known to all, houses a caterer, grocery store, cellar, chocolate confectioner and pastry shop offering some of the capital’s most famous macaroons. During this holiday season, it’ll be difficult not to fall in love with one of the many gift boxes or calendars prepared for the occasion.

4. Fortnum and Mason, London

Do you know where the Queen gets her own gourmet delicacies? At Fortnum and Mason’s, of course! This London boutique dedicated to the British art of living has been in existence since 1707 and its offering range from fresh produce to groceries, not to mention tea, of course, but there are also items for the home as well as clothing accessories for men and women.

5. Eliseevsky, St. Petersburg

Eliseevsky is a sumptuous Russian department store that will delight all gourmets traveling to St. Petersburg. The palace’s kitsch and flashy neo-baroque style makes it an essential stopover for the curious connoisseurs.

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6. Fallon & Byrne, Dublin

A delicatessen, a market offering fresh and seasonal produce, quality restaurants, a caterer, a wine bar, all in one place: welcome to Fallon & Burn in Dublin!

7. Meinl am Graben, Vienna

Located in the heart of Vienna, Meinl am Graben is spread across three floors, all dedicated to luxury food and divided between a traditional delicatessen and an especially elegant restaurant on the first floor. Fit in a visit to this refined locations in between stops at the city’s storied coffee houses.

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Nur die besten Aussichten! Looking forward #2018

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8. Manteigaria Silva, Lisbon

On the outskirts of the Praça da Figueira in Lisbon, there is a small traditional shop full of typical gourmet Portuguese products. This spot is a reference for ham, cheese and of course cod.

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BACALAO (dried +salted cod) is pretty popular in the Dominican Republic (and some of our neighbors…) But did you know how HUGE it is in Portugal!? The Portuguese even proudly boast about their 1,000+ ways to cook their beloved Bacalhau. But the weird thing is…. its not native to either country…. it’s actually imported from Canada or Norway. So how did a cold water fish from FAR away become so widely popular here in Portugal…? 🤔🇩🇴 🇵🇷 And how did it reach DR/our neighbors if we also don’t have cod and weren’t Portuguese colonies? Well, on my food tasting tour with @suckmycod, I learned this method of preserving fish (salt+drying) meant that it could be stored for longer periods of times at room temperature without the concerns of harmful bacteria or mold. Cod, unlike their local fished Sardines, have low levels of oil/fat which helps in the salting process. Making it a good source of protein during the months’ long infamous voyages to the Americas and other parts of the world. This coupled with the salt process became a major stimulus for the "Age of Discovery"… (aka hundreds of years of slavery, genocide, stealing, plundering, killing their way through their newly colonized countries.) Man don’tcha love how that whole time is romanticized by glazing over it with a nice title like 😍🙌🏽like that? Anyway, so why DR? I couldn't find out EXACTLY… But the Dominican Republic being one of the first in the Americas to be conquered and colonized by Europeans, and as the major stop between mainland Americas and Europe and Africa… I think it's safe to assume that it was for similar reasons: dried food that can last through those long multi-continental voyages. Thank you @suckmycod for this cultural + food tasting tour!

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9. Løgismose, Copenhagen

Løgismose offers a wide range of wines, cheeses, and local and top-of-the-range specialties as well as delicious, ready-made meals to taste. Guests can eat-in or pick up some food for takeaway in this 7,500-square-foot site in Copenhagen. When in town, don’t forget to visit one of the Danish capital’s incredible restaurants.

10. Múrria, Barcelona

The modernist storefront of this Barcelona delicatessen will immediately catch your attention. Ramon Casas’ century-old posters have been preserved behind tinted glass in their original form, and you can read “Queviures Múrria,” or “Épicerie fine Múrria” in faded letters. The address is central — ideal for taking home a gourmet souvenir.


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